How to Master 1960s styling in your home

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Set in the 1960’s, the series Mad Men caught attention with interesting plot lines centered around the advertising industry. The series also brought the style of this time to life. If you’re looking to use this kind of style in your own home, you’ll want to keep it fresh without being dated. Use Hendon Storage to keep any items around and in a convenient location that appear to be too modern or don’t suit the new style you have in mind. Use specifics such as subtly curved lines, thoughtful colors, art and rugs to bring your home the very best of style from this important decade.

Curving lines

Curved lines were very much in vogue during this time frame. Homes of the home had furnishings that offered rounded edges. You can use these kinds of lines in your own home to create a sense of inviting movement. Look for modern styles that take inspiration from this time frame. Swedish Modern pieces and contemporary Japanese furnishings have much in common with this period. Many pieces for sale are pieces that take the lines popular then and update them for the modern homeowner. A low to the ground sofa or loveseat with a curved back can set the style for the rest of the room.

Informal spaces

Interior spaces during this time were about informal interaction. Formal dining rooms gave way to dens and breakfast nooks. Expand your own spaces by looking for ways to increase the line of sight from one room to the next. Get rid of clutter with help from Hendon Storage. Use Hendon Storage to remove items that aren’t quite right for your home at this time. For example, you might have a valuable sideboard that you’ve inherited from a beloved family member. The style might not go with the overall look you have in mind. Bringing it to a storage facility is an ideal solution that lets you keep everything as informal and relaxed as possible.

Pop art

Famous artists like Andy Warhol began their careers during this time. Pop art remains as popular as ever. Look for art that pays homage to this period without being a literal copy. Modern artists have taken this form of art in entirely new directions. They’re showing pieces that mimic the comics and bring them to life. Bring pieces home that bring to life the spirit of the nineteen sixties. Vivid portraits of superheroes and other icons are an ideal way to show this style at home. If you know an artist, consider thinking about asking them to create a portrait of you and your family in the pop art style.

Thick patterned rugs

People thought about flooring choices that had a great deal of texture and pattern back during this time. Rugs were a crucial element of this style. Today, you can bring in rugs that are made from thick material that yearn to be touched. Rugs like flokati rugs from Greece are an excellent choice. The nubby texture and warm material stands out against other forms of flooring. They are a really good choice in larger spaces. The rug can serve as a focal point. Other rugs ideal for this look are rugs like Berber rugs that have pleasing but basic patterns that mimic the kind of patterns seen in the natural world.

Toned down shades

Color is one of the most important aspects of this particular style. The nineteen sixties saw the rise of the use of vivid shades. Oranges, browns and greens were the touchstone of the look back then. You can use the same colors today without looking dated as long as you use them very carefully. Look for shades like peach, mint and beige for furnishings, accessories and paint colors. A soft hint of shades from this era calls it to mind without being a direct copy.

Wood paneling

Wood was everywhere during this time. Wood was particularly popular as paneling. Wood paneled rooms offered privacy and helped insulate the house. Bring in into the modern world with paneling that doesn’t overwhelm the space. For example, use wainscoting in the bathrooms. It will add wood texture without making the space feel dank and dark. Lighter colored woods are ideal. Take an existing space and add wood shelving in several corners. Decorate the shelves with your favorite books and items calling to mind happy family memories like your holidays and major family events.