Biggest homeware trends for 2019

Designers are always looking for ways to think about the world differently. Today’s leading homeware trend setters are rethinking the use of many types of common materials, coming up with new color ideas and bringing back ideas that are once again fascinating and interesting. if you’re wanting to transform your spaces or just add terrific details, take advantage of these homeware trends like innovative Self Storage Thomastown to update the rooms in your home and make them look fabulous.


Bold black and white

Black and white offer a stark color contrast that makes the lines in any home clear. Today’s black and white colors are being applied to many types of items. You can expect to see them everywhere from cushions to utensils. Black and white takes inspiration from many modern periods such as art deco and the nineteen eighties.


Copper and brass

Copper and brass are in style this year. Designers are showing brass accents everywhere from the front yard to the bedroom. Put a copper roof in your kitchen to bring attention to a lovely view and high ceilings. Use a brass door handle to greet guests in every room. Copper tiles can also be used inside and outside your home. Make a beautiful path to your garage with attractive metal tiles that will stand up to the weather and still look great.

Florals are back

Florals are back and just as strong as ever. Many designers are showing florals in varied areas of the home. If you’re looking for something that’s ideal for spring, you’ll find lots of amazing floral patterns everywhere. Larger florals can be used to cover a table. Add floral patterned chairs that you can use both indoors and out for additional versatility. Smaller patterns work well in the kitchen where you can use them for hanging pot holders and towels.


Fringe and velvet

Old fashioned decorative details are again being seen all over houseware and runways across the globe. Fringe has been reworked with new patterns and varied lengths. Use it at home on a throw for the couch or your favorite loveseat. Velvet is another fabric that designers today love. The plush texture drapes well and creates spaces that feel incredibly luxurious. Use them in your own home as part of window treatments that help keep out noise and provide private and relaxing spaces for people to gather when you have company.

Innovative Storage

Storage will take center stage in the coming year. Use Self Storage Thomastown for all the items you are not using now. Self Storage Thomastown lets you keep items you’re not quite ready to part with in a space that’s safe and easy to reach any time of the day or evening. You’ll find lots of other possible ways to keep items on hand in your own home today. Hide clutter at home by making use of spaces that you might otherwise leave untouched. For example, use the stairs in your home to put in drawers that you can pull in and out with ease.

Jewel tones

Colors in the coming year are brighter than ever before. You’ll see lots of intense jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire and deep shades of dramatic purple. Use these at home today to help make your home feel warm and fun. Purple glasses work well against white linens in any dining room. A set of intensely colored navy blue candlesticks provide a pleasing backdrop for your cherished silver. This is a great thing to bring out at night when you want to create a formal feel in the home. Pair them with lots of equally dark colors. Gold adds additional shimmer. Look for curtains and other linens for your home with a hint of rich sheen.

Outdoor inspiration

The outdoors are the place to look for modern style today. You’ll see items that remind people of being outdoors everywhere you look. Many designers are taking items like wheelbarrows and bringing them to the home’s interior. The sleek silhouette adds new lines and offers something witty and unexpected at the same time. Place your favorite tools on a rack in your living room. Let them serve as art. Just make sure all tools you use are safe to touch. Other items can also be hung up on the walls. If you have a fireplace, take items used to keep the fire going. Hang them next to the fireplace.