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Most people look for ways to bring updated appearances to their homes. However, some design trends only last for a short amount of time. You do not want to spend a fortune on decor that will go out of style in a few years. When you are beginning a home improvement project, you may wish to clear up the clutter so that you can start with a fresh slate. Storage Tweed Heads is a smart option for keeping your belongings safe. Here are a few trends that will stand the test of time.



White in the kitchen

Your kitchen is the room where you spend a large amount of time. It is the place where renovations can be quite expensive as well. Going with a white kitchen will always be in style. A white kitchen appears elegant, especially when it is outfitted with modern accents. With a white base, it is always possible to change the fixtures throughout the years.



Consider using marble throughout your house

There are a number of choices for counter tops and flooring, especially in the bathroom or kitchen. One selection that never gets old is marble. Whether you are planning a romantic bathroom or an elegant kitchen, this material will work well. This natural option is quite durable and resists chipping.

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Plaid patterns are timeless

Whether you are selecting wallpaper patterns or furniture upholstery, plaid is definitely a safe choice. Menswear patterns can be stylish for clothing and for the home. They are classic choices that never lose their appeal.


Treat your home like a gallery with pictures and artwork

Creating a gallery wall is always trendy. Whether you hang family pictures or different types of artwork, it will bring interest to a space. You can choose to use matching frames or mix things up with a more eclectic blend. No matter what you decide, it is something that will look great into the future.



Built-in storage items are a plus

There never seems to be enough storage space in a home. Closets can only hold so much, which is why built-in shelving is a smart home addition. Besides offering a beautiful aesthetic to a room, it provides extra places to keep books and other items that you do not mind having on display. Bookshelves that surround a fireplace give a sophisticated vibe to a room. After the shelves are filled, you can turn to Storage Tweed Heads to safely ho