Achieve New Year’s Resolutions With Self Storage

2018 has already begun, and we’re almost over the first hurdle of the year: January. The start of a new year can be extremely busy. There’s so much to plan for, routines are switched up continuously, and there’s resolutions to start working on. With all the other activities going on, working on your resolutions can sometimes fall by the wayside. And if you’re already off the resolution bandwagon in January, it can be difficult to pick it up later in the year.

If one of your resolutions involved decluttering and sorting through your home, it can be a lot easier to achieve than you might think. Having access to Self Storage in Busselton from StoreLocal Busselton can make the process a whole lot easier. Find out how a storage unit can make achieving your resolution of decluttering easier.

Sort through everything

After you’ve rented your storage in Busselton, the first step to decluttering your home is to start sorting through your belongings. Break your home down room by room, and start with the smallest or cleanest room first; this will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to keep going.

Determine which items are broken beyond repair, and put these items in large garbage bags. Next, figure out what items are still in good condition but you no longer want or need. These can be donated to charity, given to loved ones, or sold.

Now you’ll be left with items you want to keep. First, put any items that definitely belong in the room back in their rightful place. Next, move the items that are from other rooms in your home back to where they belong. You’ll then be left with items you want to keep but don’t have room for in your home. These are the items you should take to your Busselton Self Storage.

Store your belongings correctly

Before you move your belongings into your storage unit, you should take a few minutes to properly prepare each item. Make sure it’s completely clean, with no stains, food scraps, dirt, or debris. This will ensure each item remains in good condition while in your storage unit.

As you pack your storage unit, make sure you move the heaviest items in first. These can go on the bottom of your storage unit, and lighter boxes and items can be stacked on top.

Create a system

Unless you want to be spending time each year doing a big declutter, you should create a system of cleaning that will make the process more manageable. Essentially, if you follow the idea of the popular saying ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’, you’ll only need to spend a few minutes cleaning each day.

Following your system for cleaning each day will make sure the clutter never gets away from you or starts to feel overpowering. You should be constantly evaluating the usefulness of keeping certain items in your home. For example, seasonal items like Christmas decorations can be safely moved into Busselton storage as you only need it at a specific time of the year.

With the help of Self Storage in Busselton from StoreLocal Busselton, decluttering your home can be the new year’s resolution you stick to.