Avoid Garage Bugs With Self Storage

If your garage is currently being used as a makeshift storage unit, chances are it’s inhabited by at least a few common bugs and pests. The more cluttered your garage space is, the more likely bugs and pests are to call it their home. If you’d like to keep your garage pest-free, you should consider renting Self Storage in Campbellfield from StoreLocal Campbellfield. If you keep using your garage as storage, here are just a few of the pests that are likely to move in.




Some of the world’s most venomous snakes live in Australia; however, there are plenty of non-aggressive snakes as well. A lot of snakes live in warm, dry areas, which is why a cluttered garage could be their perfect home. Snakes will generally only attack when provoked. The majority of snake bites occur when amateurs try to catch or kill the snake, so leave it to a professional!


Possums will usually sneak into your garage through a small hole in your door, roof, or wall. While you might think the possum living in your garage is cute, it’s important you don’t feed it and that you stear clear of it as much as possible. Let a professional handle it.


Wasps are known for making their nests under the eaves of your garage or house. Their stings are painful, and they’re known to be more aggressive than bees. If their nests aren’t removed, they’ll continue to build more nests in the same area.


Spiders prey on insects, so if there are any bugs at all in your garage, it’s probably going to attract a whole lot of spiders. A few of the common types of spiders you might find inside your garage are funnel web spiders, white-tailed spiders, black house spiders, and redback spiders. While many spiders inside your home are not venomous, some are very dangerous, such as the redback and funnel web spiders.¬†Spiders are commonly found inside boxes and bags, and in other dark areas.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice are known for chewing through boxes and furniture, and the waste they leave behind can contain diseases. Rats and mice breed rapidly, so the problem can sometimes feel never ending. It’s best to let a professional deal with your rat or mice infestation, as leaving poison for them yourself can be dangerous if you have children or pets.


Use Self Storage in Campbellfield

It’s best to avoid making your garage an attractive home to these common pests by keeping it clean and uncluttered. Instead, move your excess belongings into storage in Campbellfield. Not only will this help keep your garage free from pests, but it will also keep your belongings in better condition. StoreLocal Campbellfield has a variety of storage options available, so there’s a storage unit for you no matter how much you need to store. Contact the team today to learn more about your storage options.