Top 5 Beachside Activities to do in Noosa

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Spending a day at the beach is a fun experience in itself. You could spend the day soaking up the sun or splashing in the waves. Whether you live by the beach or just like to visit on the weekends, Noosa beach is full of activities that the whole family can enjoy. Today we’ll highlight some of these activities and also share an idea for storing all of your beach toys at Self Storage Noosa when you are not at the beach.

1. Surfing

Surfing is one of the most popular activities to partake in at Noosa Beach. There are multiple points along the beach so surfers of all skill levels will have a place to catch some waves. Even if you are new to surfing, you can hang out in the shallow waters near the first point to learn the basics before you try your hand at a big wave.

Surfers on Noosa Beach

2. Hiking

If you need a break from the water scene, be sure to check out hiking opportunities near the beach. One great place to hike is the National Park which is 4000-hectare space filled with wildlife and animals. During your hike, you will have the opportunity to see animals like koalas, dolphins, and turtles. Also in the months between July and November, you may catch sight of a humpback whale! This is a great way to get outside in nature and also exercise your body!

Noosa National Park and beach Aerial View

3. Eating

Many people don’t think about going to the beach just to eat, but they definitely should! There are a variety of restaurants that sit right on the beach that you could visit for a nice dinner meal with breathtaking views.

Hasting Street Noosa at night

4. Enjoy a Festival

Since the beach is such a central location in Noosa, there are a lot of festivals that take place here throughout the year. Whenever you plan to visit the beach, check the local schedule as there is usually at least one festival a month between the months of January and October (so basically all year!). You will have fun celebrating with friends and enjoying the awesome beach weather and views.

Noosa festival of surfing, people on beach

5. Go Shopping

If you are visiting Noosa, there are a variety of local markets that you should definitely look into. At these markets, you’ll find handmade goods and handpicked produce that you simply won’t find anywhere else in Noosa. You’ll be impressed by the quality of the goods and the freshness of the foods that you pick up at the markets.

Noosa marina markets, people looking at market stalls

Store your Items

If you are a frequent beachgoer, it is likely that you have some beach equipment. Whether it be water toys, a surfboard, or even kayaks, you may need a place to store these items when you aren’t headed to the beach. Self Storage Noosa is a great place to keep these items until your next trip to the beach. Self Storage Noosa has a variety of places to keep your items and a crew of staff members to make sure your items are kept safe when you are away. It is also easy to grab your items from Self Storage Noosa when you are ready to hit the beach!

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