At StoreLocal Narre Warren we often hear people say that all storage facilities are the same, and offer the same service, it is only the price and location that changes.

At StoreLocal Narre Warren we feel that this is far from reality though, and yes, some facilities are cheaper than others, but when it comes to storage, it is about safety, cleanliness and convenience.

StoreLocal Narre Warren offers a range of services that is simply not matched by our competitors, and that includes price.

First and foremost, you can access your stored property 24/7, because we understand that you need your stuff, when you need your stuff, and not when it is convenient for the facility manager.

At StoreLocal Narre Warren, our units are sized to match your needs, so you only pay for what you need, our units are easily accessed, and they are all on the ground floor. We do this because have you ever tried to carry a piano up stairs?

Our storage units are clean, dry and pest free, because that’s how we want our property stored. Also, we have very good security, starting with CCTV cameras and access control, and only you will have access to your Self Storage unit.

To sweeten your Self Storage experience at StoreLocal Narre Warren, we also have a full service Box Shop on site, selling boxes, packaging and tape.

The next thing that sets us apart from other storage facilities, is the fact that our team are there to help you with your storage experience. We can advise on moving, packing and storing, and we’ll even help organise a free move-in truck to help you get started.

Visit StoreLocal Narre Warren today, we are conveniently located at 66-68 Vesper Drive, Narre Warren. Previously known as Fountain Gate Self Storage, StoreLocal Narre Warren is now benefiting of being part of StoreLocal, the leading Self Storage providers in terms of service and experience.