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This article discusses some of the best fishing spots in Busselton but before then, it is necessary for you to learn a few fishing tips in Busselton. Knowing the tips and applying them when you take your boat out of a Busselton boat storage will increase your chances of success in your fishing quest.


Tips for fishing in Busselton

Every spot has its rules and limits, so it is important you find out the rules before you set off from your Busselton boat storage. You don’t want to find yourself in the wrong side of the law. In the city, the best times to catch a squid are sunrise and sunset. However, some people have caught it at mid-day too.

In Australia, salmons are easier to catch between March and May. Your chances of catching the fish outside this window are very slim but not zero. If you are in need of fishing equipment, there are a few stores to rent or buy in Busselton. Without further ado, here are nice fishing spots in Busselton.


Take advantage of the Busselton Jetty

This jetty is one of the best spots for fishing as numerous visitors have been successful in their fishing quest in the jetty. The jetty is about 1.8 kilometres long and this gives anglers enough room to search for their favourite fish. While beginners embark on trial and error to discover great positions, experts already know the best spots in the jetty to catch fish.

Another feature that makes this spot a wonderful fishing spot is the availability of fishing gear and supplies for rent and for outright sale. These supplies include fishing bait and you can even learn a few fishing tips here.

The kinds of fish to catch in the spot are Mulloway, Tailor, crab, Pink Snapper, squid, Salmon, and Herring. You could also catch other types of fish but these ones dominate the spot. Fishing in the spot is not free. There is an admission fee involved.

Try the Wonnerup Estuary

Although this body of water is relatively shallower, you can catch a good number of fish there. The kind of fishes to find here are King George Whiting, Skippy, and Black Bream. Unfortunately, this spot offers only fairly small fish probably because its shallowness turns big fish away.

Apart from the species of fish listed above, you can also catch mulloway in this fishing spot but that would have to be in the night when they come around Busselton. In addition, heavy rains also increase your chances of catching them.

Forrest Beach also fishes well

This beach also fishes well especially after heavy rains. You can hope to catch Herring, Tailor, Whiting, and Skippy here whether it rains or not. But after a heavy rain, Mulloway will join the party. Another reason to check this spot out is that it is not always crowded so you can fish for as long as you want without any disturbance.


Anglers love Capel River

Capel River is another great fishing spot. Anglers go there for Black Bream, Minnows and several other small fish. You can also aim for some Mulloway at the mouth of the river when it is flowing into the Busselton bay. Small bait fish hide in some patches of water and the Mulloways usually gun for them. So, you can also lay ambush for the Mulloways here too.

Peppermint Grove Beach is also good

This list won’t be complete without mentioning Peppermint Grove Beach. It offers Flathead, Whiting, Skippy, Herring, and Tailor any time of the day and all through the year.

Having learnt some great fishing spots in Busselton, it is also necessary to learn how to store your boat when you are done. Here are a few tips on how to store your boat.

Storing your fishing boat

When it comes to SELF STORAGE, BUSSELTON offers several reliable facilities where you can store your fishing boat with peace of mind at a low cost. No matter the size of your boat, you will get outdoor or covered boat parking spaces for as long as you want.


Important tips for storing your boat

  • Winterize your boat by passing fogging oil through its cylinders and also change its spark plugs lower oil unit, and water filter.
  • Add gas stabilizer before filling your tank to prevent moisture.
  • Disconnect your battery and store in a warm, dry, and safe place.
  • Cover or shrink-wrap your boat to prevent animals from nesting in it. You don’t want your hoses, wires, and cables chewed destructively.
  • If you are storing your boat on a trailer, it is advisable to jack up the wheels and rest the axles on a cinder block otherwise flat spot will develop on your tyres.


In conclusion, some of the best fishing spots in Busselton are Peppermint Grove Beach, Capel River, Forrest Beach, Wonnerup Estuary, and Busselton Jetty. Apart from these spots, there are also other nice fishing spots you can reach from your Busselton boat storage.