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Melbourne is one luxuriant city in Australia characterised by art deco apartments, leafy streets, beautiful beaches, and a charming village character. Different people have different preferences on the kind of services they want in a certain place. Some will prefer to live near a beach, in the CBD or farmland among other likings. There are those who prefer suburbs in which access to food is either a walking distance or can easily be delivered. There are several foodie suburbs in in the city, and this article provides you with the best four.



Carlton is a great suburb renowned for its Italian migrant history and richness in Italian delicacies. Some of the foods commonly served in Carlton restaurants include pasta, coffee, pizza and gelati among others. Main foodie joints are found along Lygon Street, and they include 400 Gradi, D.O.C Espresso, and Brunetti where you can take a tasty bowl of bolognaise. While these joint may seem to be expensive, there are also options for cheaper but tasty delicacies in the area. These include Cafe Italia, Saigon Pho, and Chai Eat-Like-Malaysian among others.



Richmond is among the rising suburbs in the area and is characterised by great dining scenes both old and upcoming ones especially those seen along Swan Street, Bridge Road, and Church Street. The food joints in this area are suitable for people from different countries and cultures, and this means that every person will be satisfied. For instance, Noir is renowned for its French delicacies, Kong for its Asian Barbeque and Romulus & Remus for Italian foodies. For people in need of Vietnamese delicacies, they can go to Victoria Street and find everything they need. Beer and burger are also available in numerous pubs along Swan Street and hotels such as Richmond Club Hotel and Corner Hotel among others.



Fitzroy is a rising star suburb when it comes to foodies especially on Gertrude Street where you find some pubs, restaurants, bars, galleries, and boutiques. Along this street, you can take your breakfast, do your shopping, enjoy the street galleries, take brunch, afternoon tea, dinner and evening drink all in different joints. These foodie and drink joints include Archie’s All Day, Birdman Eating, Cutler & Co, Ladro and Builders Arms Hotel. Other streets dominated with such kind of life include Brunswick street and to some extent Johnston Street.


Melbourne (CBD)

Living in Melbourne (CBD) means that you will always be spoilt of choice because food joints are found after every few meters. The place is also convenient for those who need easy foodie delivery. There are about 89 restaurants in the CBD, but the most popular street for eating and drinking is Flinders lane. Also, the most popular dishes in Melbourne as stated are found in most restaurants in the CBD making it the best foodie Suburb in the city.