If you’re moving house or moving the contents of a certain room into Self Storage in Tweed Heads from StoreLocal Tweed Heads, you’ll need to determine exactly how many boxes you’ll need. It’s a big question, and a number of factors contribute to how many cartons you’ll need on the big day.

An average two-bedroom home with two people living in it might start off with 30 medium cartons for heavier items, and 20 larger tea chest cartons.

You’ll also need about 20 metres of bubble wrap, some tape, a couple of packages of packing paper, and you might even need a couple of wardrobe cartons. You can purchase all these supplies from Self Storage in Tweed Heads facilities like StoreLocal Tweed Heads.

Make sure you correctly label your boxes, not just with what room it came from, but with the specifics of what it contains. Knowing which ‘kitchen’ box has the ‘cutlery’ and which one has the ‘toaster’ will make the unpacking process go a lot more smoothly.

At the other end of the scale, a four-bedroom home with four people living in it would need to start off with 60 medium cartons and about 40 large cartons. Larger homes will always need more boxes.

Areas that are often overlooked when figuring out how many boxes you need are the laundry and garden shed.

When you’re cleaning out your garden shed, it’s a good time to look through all your pesticides and paint and throw away anything that’s out of date. Make sure you line the boxes with bubble wrap when packing any items that might spill. If you’re moving anything from your garden shed into Self Storage in Tweed Heads, make sure you check StoreLocal Tweed Head’s storage guide – flammable items aren’t permitted.

When you’re ready to buy your boxes, it’s important you purchase them from a Self Storage in Tweed Heads facility or someplace similar. These suppliers use a thick ply cardboard and the boxes are designed to hold moderate loads for transport. Places like StoreLocal Tweed Heads have specialist boxes available for specific items, like pictures, mirrors, clothes, and wine.

There’s little doubt that StoreLocal Tweed Heads can provide a full inventory of cartons for your next move. Ask us about our range of moving and storage cartons today.