Christmas interior design ideas

Decorating your home for Christmas is often a fun time for you and other members of your family. Depending on how extravagant you want to get, you could spend an entire day decorating everything from the living room to the smallest spaces in your home. Before you begin adding festive details, you should consider a few ideas so that you have a plan for how you want your home to look instead of putting random items on end tables or on the walls.



This is a decoration that can be used anywhere in your home. It can be upgraded with lights, ornaments, and other details so that it’s not just a green strand that’s wrapped around the staircase or placed on the fireplace mantel. Garland is a decoration that can be used on any surface in your home and that can be cut so that it gracefully fits on any surface. Before you use garland for Christmas, consider removing some of the decorations you have that aren’t as festive by taking them to a Brunswick Storage unit for the holiday season.


Holiday wreaths

If you’re looking for ideas for the doors in your home, then hang a few wreaths. This is another type of decoration that you can customise with lights and other details to match the other features in your home. You can get wreaths in all sizes, making it a versatile idea for any room in your home. They can also be hung in windows by putting a large ribbon through the centre and hanging them from a curtain rod.


Ornaments for the tree

After taking the decorations that you don’t need for Christmas to a Brunswick Storage unit, you can focus on the festive details in your home. One way that you can use ornaments aside from hanging them on your tree is to put them in clear jars that are placed on tables. A string of white lights can also be woven through the ornaments to add a little sparkle to the decoration. Another idea is to hang larger ornaments from the ceiling over the dining table or over the coffee table in the living room. Ornaments can be placed on other surfaces of your home inside baskets or vases, making each corner of your house a glorious display for the season. Use metallic ornaments if you want to add more sparkle and painted ornaments if you want to focus more on the design.