Budget-friendly ways to stay cool this summer

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If you are looking for some budget-friendly ways to stay cool this summer, this guide will help. You will learn a range of tips and tricks you can use to beat the heat and stay comfortable no matter the temperature. The advice you are going to get lets you make the most of your summer, and you will know you have done the right thing. Many people are thrilled to learn they can stay cool without harming their budget or spending too much money.


Visit the library

The library is a great place to go when you want to escape from the hot sun. The best part is that libraries are free and have plenty of things to keep you busy. You can, for example, read books or take advantage of the free WI-FI connection. If you don’t have a laptop, most libraries have computers you can use without making you pay a fee. To make the most of this tip, plan your library visit during the hottest part of the day.


Shut your blinds during the day

If you are like most people, you like leaving the blinds and curtains open to enjoy the beautiful sunlight. People don’t realize that opening the blinds gives the sun a chance to heat their home. Keeping your blinds shut during the hottest hours of the day can do wonders to keep your home cool without running up your energy bill.

If you can’t stand the thought of losing natural light, only close the windows that receive direct sunlight, and you can get the best of both worlds. Blinds that connect to your smartphone or use a timer exist and can make your life much easier.


Use light-colored clothes and blankets

Did you know the colors you wear can impact your body temperature? If you wear dark shirts and pants, they will absorb heat and raise the temperature of your body before you know it. Light colors, on the other hand, reflect heat and make it a little easier for you to stay cool during the day.

You might not have room for new clothes if you still have your winter clothes in your closet. If that is the case, get Storage Northcote to overcome that problem and reach your goals without stress. Placing winter clothes and blankets in Storage Northcote gives you the needed room to store your light-colored clothes.


Put a few water bottles in the freezer

This tip is cheap but can make a big difference when you are dealing with the hottest days of the year. Go to the store and buy a cheap case of bottled water. When you get home, place a few water bottles in the freezer until they turn into ice, and you can use them as cold packs to reduce your body temperature.

Place a frozen bottle under your neck while you watch television or read a book to stay cool. If you take your frozen bottle with you when you leave home, it will slowly melt and provide you with a cold drink for hours.