When does climate controlled self storage come in handy?

Temperatures can get quite brutal every now and then – whether we’re talking about intense heat or plenty of humidity. If you have belongings that require special attention, then it might be time to take into consideration placing them in a climate-controlled storage unit at Bunbury Storage. When it comes to Self Storage Bunbury, the reason why climate-controlled units are important is because they keep items safe from any damage that might be caused by extreme or sudden changes in temperature. Keeping them at Bunbury Storage ensures that this type of problem is eliminated and that items won’t buckle, shatter, or crack – depending on the material they’re made of.



Wooden furniture can be in danger when it is exposed to moisture over a long period of time, due to the fact that wood can warp, rot, or crack. Whether we’re talking about chairs, tables, dressers, etc. if you want to keep the piece of furniture safe then placing it in a simple storage unit might not be enough. This is where climate-controlled storage units come in handy, as they allow you to set the humidity level, thus keeping the furniture safe. Speaking of furniture, leather furniture can also be at risk when exposed to swings of temperature. Similarly, if placed in a storage unit that is not climate-controlled then the leather becomes susceptible to moisture, which leads to discolouration and mildew.


Art and Collections

Artwork can be rather expensive, which means the last thing you want is for it to get damaged. Keeping art stored in a safe place is a good idea to begin with, but making sure that the humidity and temperature is just right ensures that it won’t get damaged. Climate-controlled storage units are a good idea not only for the piece of art itself but for art supplies as well. Art as well as craft supplies requires protection from moisture and UV exposure

If you have a valuable collection then that too can need special attention when it comes to temperature. Given that the collection is probably meant to be preserved for many years, having control over the temperature it’s placed in will make sure the preservation is possible. Coins, for example, are at risk when it comes to extreme temperatures or humidity, as oxidation can starts setting in, which ends up ruining the metal that the coins are made of. Similarly, stamps can start curling and sticking when they get exposed to high temperature or humidity. A comic book collection can be very valuable nowadays, meaning that keeping it safe will ensure that their value won’t drop. However, comic books, especially older ones, are not known for handling moisture too well.


Appliances and Electronics

Climate-controlled storage units at Bunbury Storage can also be used when it comes to keeping appliances safe. Whether we’re talking about ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. they require protection against extreme cold or heat. Placing them in the proper climate ensures that both the mechanical as well as the electronic parts won’t rust or crack – which could result in permanent damage.

Electronics are fit for climate-controlled storage units as well, due to the fact that moisture buildups can result in short circuit when they get turned back on, which means that keeping them dry is ideal. In addition, when they get stored for a long period of time rust could also start setting in – depending on the equipment. Similarly, pieces of media are also delicate and need protections – from CDs, DVDs, 8 track tapes, cassettes, etc.



Musical instruments can be very picky and delicate when it comes to temperature – which is something that needs close attention, especially since they can be rather expensive. When placed in storage, climate control is a requirement. Each type of instrument can react differently to temperature, which means that proper research is necessary before placing them in storage. For example, pianos react badly to humidity, while woodwind instruments need a proper level of humidity in order to not dry out – which could cause the wood parts to shrink and ultimately crack.


Clothes and Fabric

Clothes are a special case, however, due to the fact that they can be stored in a traditional storage unit. However, climate-controlled storage units are considered to be a better option in order to make sure that the clothes maintain their quality over time – especially when talking about delicate items or furs. Mattresses and bedding materials can also degrade when they are exposed to high heat, as the fibers start to erode – which results holes, creating an ideal place for bugs and other pests.