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It seems that a mum’s job is never quite finished! Even if she manages to get all the household chores completed in one day, there is always more to do. As the baby grows, there is a new task to be dealt with. When newborns begin to crawl, they quickly outgrow their clothes. And when toddlers begin to teeter around, they often fall and tear or ruin their clothes. Some are still usable, but others should be discarded. It can be difficult to tell what to keep and what to toss. And, where should all the clothes and toys be stored if they’re being kept for a future brother or sister? Here is a guide to help you from Bunbury Storage.

sorting baby clothes

The first step of this big project is to sort through the baby’s clothes and decide what’s still in good enough shape to keep. Set aside at least a few hours to perform this task. Be sure that all the clothes have been washed already and that you have all the clothes in front of you before you begin. It’s much easier to do this once than to realize you missed a whole drawer or that you were laundering clothes at the time of sorting. Be sure to check in the backs of closets and drawers since many times clothes that are too small get stuffed in the back and forgotten.

clothes to keep

Clothes that are in good condition can be kept for a sibling or donated to a friend or local charity. Of course, they should be put in the pile of clothes you will be keeping. Anything that was handmade or has sentimental value should also be kept. If the baby has a favourite outfit, blanket, or another article of clothing, be sure to keep that as well. It certainly wouldn’t do to have a baby crying for something that had been given away or discarded! Items that are being kept but not used straight away can be safely tucked away at Bunbury Storage.

clothes to recycle

Clothes that are soiled or badly torn can be thrown away or cut up and used as cleaning cloths. Those that are in relatively good condition can be either given away or thrown out. This is a good opportunity to part with complicated clothing that needs to be constantly pressed or is difficult to maneuver around a wiggly baby.

sorting baby toys

Sorting toys are a bit more tricky than going through baby’s clothes. This task will probably have to be done in private, away from the baby. When that’s not possible, at least try to have a box ready to stash things in and complete the process a little bit at a time, perhaps one or two toys each day.

toys to keep

Baby’s most prized toys, of course, must be kept and kept in good working condition. Toys that were passed along from good friends or family members should also stay in the family whenever possible. Any toys that will increase in value, or are not yet in use should also be kept. It may be a good idea to put these special items in Bunbury Storage to make additional space in the home. A trend in children’s toys is to create sets that grow with the children. These may include sets that can be erected or built and several types of puzzles that can be added on as the baby grows.

toys to recycle

Many toys are broken or are missing parts should be discarded. These may present a safety concern for small children. Toys that are well worn and are not in good condition to be donated or given away can also be discarded. When possible, consider recycling these plastic toys. Some toys and books are simply no longer favourites as babies grow and move on to bigger and better playthings. There is often a chance that these items weren’t even used or played with at all. They, of course, can be given away or placed in Bunbury Storage for the next baby to come along. Toys often gain value over time or become collectible. It’s probably a good idea to hold on to these items and consider them an investment for the baby.