Caravan and boat storage in Rivendell

Owning a boat or caravan can bring you and your family a whole lot of happy memories. However, it can be difficult to find the space you need to park these vehicles safely and legally on your property. In fact, some homes may not have enough room to park a caravan or boat at all. If you’re looking for caravan and boat storage in Rivendell, StoreLocal Tweed Heads has you covered. Before you move your caravan or boat into storage, there are a few preparations you should make.

Give it a thorough clean

While your vehicle most likely isn’t going to get very dirty when kept in caravan and boat storage in Rivendell, it’s still important you give it a thorough clean beforehand. Make sure you clean both the insides and the outsides. Vacuum the floors and wipe down all the surfaces, and wash away any dirt or other materials from the outsides. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving it into storage to prevent mould and mildew from forming. Take your caravan or boat to get detailed if you don’t have time to thoroughly clean it yourself.

Maintain the vehicle’s operation

To prevent any moisture from building in the lines and gas tank, it’s important you fill it up beforehand. Add a stabiliser to help extend the fuel life. You should also change all the fluids before moving it into caravan and boat storage in Rivendell. To help prolong the alternator, you can also disconnect the battery.

Protect the outside

StoreLocal Tweed Heads offers both outdoor and undercover caravan and boat storage. If you’re storing your caravan or boat in our outdoor options, you’ll need to find a heavy-duty cover. This will help protect your caravan or boat from damage from the sun. Extended periods in the sun can cause the paint to fade and chip, as well as damage the interiors.


If you’re ready to move into caravan and boat storage in Rivendell, contact the team at StoreLocal Tweed Heads today.