The Western Australian coastline is dotted with tourist destinations, each offering beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and the best caravan parks south of the north pole. Bunbury is one such location, and with hundreds of families descending upon the city, all wanting to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, there is also a need for caravan and RV storage. Fortunately for these families, StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury offers the best solution.

Just about everybody has the dream to travel around Australia or the country locations towing a caravan or a pop-up trailer. Record sales at a recent Perth home show proves that more and more people in Western Australia are purchasing caravans and RVs for weekend trips around the countryside.

With the average land size in Perth, and other urban areas, being half of what it was in 1980 we are all pressed for space. Does it make sense to store that caravan or RV at home?

In many cases it may not be allowed especially in front yards. Some councils take a dim view to caravans and RVs being stored on front lawns especially the nature strip and in some suburbs it is outlawed.

And the chance of an RV being interfered with or stolen is very high, especially if it is parked in the front of your property.

What’s the answer?

You can easily store your caravan or RV at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury, we are conveniently located in Bunbury, with access from Halifax Road, McCombe Road and Monkhouse Street. We are only minutes from the CBD, and importantly, all of the holiday makers from up north, or down south can store their caravans and campers here at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury for the winter.

We have short and long-term pricing and importantly your caravan or RV is safe with us at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury. Putting a gooseneck lock on your caravan or RV is not enough these days, and would be thieves can easily break into these in seconds. The theft of caravans a RVs are on the rise and there is a good second-hand market for parts stripped from RVs and caravans.

Your home is your castle so enjoy it, but leave the storage of your caravan and RV to the friendly staff at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury. At StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury, we know how to store all vehicles in a way that they will be ready to go when you collect.

So, if you need to store your caravan, RV, trailer or car, then speak to the experts at StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury. StoreLocal Self Storage Bunbury also stores personal and commercial property.