Christmas Cleanup With Self Storage

January is almost over, but are your Christmas decorations still up? For many people, cleaning up after the Christmas season is a task they simply don’t want to do. However, you probably don’t want your Christmas tree to be sitting in your living room all year round, so it’s time to get your Christmas cleanup underway. Self Storage in Gympie from StoreLocal Gympie can make the cleanup process a little easier.

Throw away damaged items

There’s no point in packing up and storing damaged items, so throw them away immediately. This will make preparing for the Christmas season later this year a lot easier; you won’t open your boxes thinking you’re all set for decorations only to realise they’re all broken.

If you can, take advantage of the last of the Christmas decoration January sales to replace any damaged items you need to throw away. This can save you a lot of money, as the later into January we go, the more reduced Christmas item prices become.

Store unwanted gifts

You probably received a few presents you’re actually not that keen on. Instead of throwing these items away, you can regift them to other people. Don’t let them clutter up your home though… Move these unwanted gifts into storage in Gympie. This will keep all your gifts safe, in great condition, and in one place.

Coordinate your packing efforts

To make preparing for Christmas later this year easier, you should put in a little extra effort now when you’re packing up. Colour code your boxes or tote bags depending on what’s inside: decorations, wrapping paper, or gift labels. This will make finding what you need this December a whole lot easier.

Keep larger decorations

Some of your Christmas decorations can take up a lot of space. Items such as your tree or lawn and roof decorations can be quite large. Instead of letting these items clog up your storage spaces at home, move them all into Gympie Self Storage.

If you’ve finally found the motivation to clean up your 2017 Christmas decorations, book your Self Storage unit from StoreLocal Gympie today.