Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

When you’re preparing to decorate your Christmas tree, you might want to try something new or different from what you usually do. Using the same ornaments and decorations year after year may get boring. With a unit for Bunbury Storage, you can switch out your seasonal decorations with ease. You’ll also have plenty of storage space for trying out new themes and maintaining collections of different styles of decorations.

Reminisce with handmade ornaments

You may have a collection of ornaments you made as a child. If you have kids, nieces, nephews or grandchildren of your own, you might even have a collection of ornaments they made by hand. Perhaps you’re crafty, and you enjoy clay sculpting, cross stitching, knitting, whittling or crocheting. Try out a handmade theme for your Christmas tree this year by bringing out your collection of handmade ornaments. After Christmas is over, store those ornaments in a well-protected bin at your Bunbury Storage unit.


Inspire with a winter wonderland theme

Maybe you’ve always loved snowflakes and the idea of a winter wonderland. Even if the weather is not even close to chilly, you can create a winter wonderland theme for your Christmas tree. Choose glittery snowflake ornaments. Add some silver bells. The shops have a wide range of snowman ornaments made of wood, fabric and metal. Choose some plastic or glass icicle ornaments to add to the tree. Select a tree skirt that’s fluffy and white in order to create a snowy effect for the base.

Add elegance with natural decorations

If you love nature and the outdoors, bring a bit of it inside this year on your Christmas tree. Natural decorations allow you to appreciate the beauty of what the Earth provides. Hang pine cones from the branches of the tree. If you’d like something fancy, spray the pine cones with a clear adhesive glue. Roll them in glitter and add a sparkling ribbon for hanging. Try fragrant cinnamon sticks tied together with a festive green or red ribbon. Dry citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and limes. Thread a ribbon through the dried fruits for hanging on the tree’s branches.

Consider whimsical touches

Create a whimsical tree that reminds you of your favourite Christmas movies. Use cardboard, paint and glitter to make giant pretend lollipops and candy canes. Instead of a traditional ribbon or garland, use feather boas on the tree. Go beyond the traditional Christmas colours of red, green and white. Select vibrant glass Christmas tree bulbs made in colours such as magenta, violet, turquoise and chartreuse. Select a white tinsel tree and get an LED projector in order to shine different colours on its branches.


Add plenty of Sparkle

A sparkling Christmas tree creates a festive atmosphere in your home. To add sparkle to your tree, choose an artificial tree with metallic branches. Buy glittery ornaments or make your own with old glass bulb ornaments, acrylic paint and tubs of metallic glitter. Your Bunbury Storage has plenty of space to store an extra tree.