How To Create A Laundry Room That Is Both Beautiful And Functional

Laundry rooms are one of the most commonly used rooms in the household, most people go through at least a load every day, and families with one or more kids do even more. So, your laundry room should not be a place that is hard to move around in, dysfunctional, dark, and unpleasant to go into. There are some easy tips you can take like a fresh coat of paint, new Beaconsfield storage units, and other things that can make your laundry room functional and actually cute to be in.

One good idea is to invest in a utility sink. You need a good sink which can work as another water source other than just the washing machine. This type of sink will provide you with a place to soak hard-stained clothes, a place to clean of dirty shoes, wash things off, and hundreds of other things you may need.

Consider using open shelving instead of closed cabinets. You can easily find and get too your essential laundry room resources like your detergent, stain fighting boosters, anti-wrinkling agents, etc. They also make the room look a little larger and with the incorporated use of organizational bins like Beaconsfield storage units, you can have the best of both worlds with your storage an aesthetic needs getting met.

Much like your open shelving for storage purposes, you will also need regular cabinets. The open shelves are great when what is on them looks organized and put together. Traditional cabinets hide the more mundane supplies, the things that clutter up your laundry room, etc. These traditional cabinets can make your laundry room look great, keep it uncluttered, and it can keep your things easily accessible especially with the use of Beaconsfield storage bins. It can give you a clean look without a lot of extra work!

The laundry room is comprised of machines that use a ton of water, this is especially true if you also invest in a utility sink. Because of this, your laundry room needs finishes that not only look good but are going to ensure that they last for many years to come. Some materials that you may consider using for countertops and floors are those like concrete, laminate, ceramic, stone, and tile. These are great options for your laundry room finishes as they are incredibly easy to clean up, low maintenance, durable enough to last for several years, and when the right one is chosen they look fantastic!

A new trend that is being seen in laundry rooms more and more is the installation of countertops that span the length of your washer and dryer. This provides extra usable countertop space that can be a place to fold, iron, or store clean clothes, and whatever else you may use it for. It’s highly functional and a nice countertop will also make your laundry room look finished with a nice custom look to it!

If your laundry room is running low on space, there are some alternatives you can consider that will give you some extra space for either storage or walking space. Instead of using a floor-sitting washer and dryer, you can use an alternative like stackable machines. When you stack them on top of one another, you end up maximizing your floor space and giving your room a more organized, aesthetically pleasing flow to it in general.

Cubbies are fantastic storage units for children and grown-ups alike. You can put things like dirty clothes, dirty shoes, jackets, toys, and other things that naturally accumulate into your cubbies. You can also put clean clothes into the cubbies once they are folded so that the owner can grab and put them up in no time. Cubbies will keep the walkways clean while everyone has a specific place to put things so you know where stuff is at all times.

There are several low-cost ways to make your laundry room look organized, bigger than it might actually be, clean, and functional. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, and taking advantage of all of the storage room you have in there.