De-Clutter Your Home

De-Clutter Your Home.

Is your garage full of furniture? Maybe you have a spare room that is full of bits you don’t need all the time but certainly don’t want to throw away.

Sounds to me like you’re in need of a self-storage unit from StoreLocal.

Offering a range of unit sizes to suit your self-storage needs, our storage sheds can help you reclaim your garage or spare room.

Nothing better than breathing new life into an old space by de-cluttering it and storing your goods in a secure and affordable location.

It is time to decide, is it a keeper, item to be stored or something to throw away. Self Storage at Fort Knox Storage Mansfield is inexpensive, and you only pay for what you need, but if you really can throw it away (or give it away), then now is the time.

Your Self Storage space at one of our facilities does not have to be a goodbye to your stuff until winter kind of relationship. If you store smartly, then you can access your goods daily, and gain easy access when you need it.

Things to keep…

  • Clothing you are wearing, or have worn in the last four weeks
  • Items you use often, tools, spare bedding and the like
  • The toys your children are actually playing with on a regular basis
  • Recent invoices, warranties and private documents
  • Sports equipment you plan to use in the next two weeks

Things to store…

  • Clothing you want to keep, but that is out of season
  • Children’s toys they will play with again
  • Sports equipment you are not planning to use in the next two weeks
  • That mattress you’re keeping for the family’s visit
  • All the music, sports and private items of your child while they are away on an OE or their studies.
  • Things you are hanging on to until you buy a house with a pool, a deck or a room to keep the piano. Store that piano, it will only get damaged in the garage.
  • Your husband’s sporting trophies, they will remain in that box until you buy the house with the bar… Until then, store it.

Things to throw (or give) away…

  • Items you will not use again
  • Old baby clothing and toys (you can keep one or two sentimental ones)
  • Old clothes… It is time.
  • The treadmill or training bicycle you bought online and never used. Trust me, you’re never going to.
  • All those boxes in the garage you haven’t touched in the last year.

Contact your nearest StoreLocal Self Storage facility to find out more about our available units and great deals on self-storage sheds.