Tips for Downsizing

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When there are too many belongings inside your home and nowhere to put them, then consider downsizing so that you can comfortably move around from one room to another. If there are large items that you want to keep or belongings that are often used only during certain times of the year, then consider putting them in a Self Storage Northcote unit. You can then get your belongings out of the unit when they are needed or if you find more storage inside your home.

What you really need

Think about the things that you really need in your home and some of the things that you could live without. This can sometimes make it easier to determine what can be put in a Self Storage Northcote unit for the time being and what you can keep in your home. If there are things that you haven’t used in about a year, then it’s probably alright to put them in storage until later or get rid of them altogether. Sometimes, the things that are in your home are there because you wanted to take up a hobby or do something for yourself but never got around to it over the years. If this is the case, then consider whether you’re going to do that activity so that you can get rid of items that you don’t need.

Conceptual shot of home interior during move-in with sofa in the middle and boxes lying around

Cleaning compartments

Clean out every drawer, closet, and cabinet. As you put everything back in these areas, examine the items to see if they are broken or if they aren’t used. Items that you might use later on can be taken to a Self Storage Northcote unit until you have somewhere else to put them. Items that you know are broken or that you don’t need should be sorted into trash piles and donation or yard sale piles.Young girl using duct tape for packing carton boxes

Taking measurements

If you’re moving to a new home that’s smaller, you need to measure your furniture to ensure that it will fit in your new space. Furniture that’s too big or that you can’t use can be taken to your storage unit or sold at a yard sale. You could also donate it to someone in need. After getting rid of some of the items that you don’t need in your home, you might find that you don’t need as many dressers or similar storage containers as you did before. If there’s something that you want to keep but you don’t have a lot of space, consider installing shelves on the walls for added storage.