How to Embrace the Art Déco look in your home

Art Deco also knows as style moderne is a movement in the decorative arts and architecture that started in the 19920s and became one of the most popular styles in western Europe and the United States in the 1930s. Art Deco is characterized by distinctive features of such simple, clean and clear shapes and often with appearances that are streamlined; an ornament that is designed to form indigenous representation forms. Moreover, expensive materials that are usually varied and use of silver, ivory, jade, obsidian, rock crystal and chrome are amongst the materials used in the Art Deco. The Art aims at praising the beautiful nature of the traditional luxury and the inherent glamour through the arts.

At home, the bedroom is one of the easiest places to experiment with Art Deco. Here, most of the favourite design buffs allow the user to put into test the aesthetic nature of the Art. Chicago Soothing Style is one of the best designs used in Chicago apartments to demonstrate the aesthetic and indigenous nature if the art. The Chicago apartment was designed by Gambrel Steven through inspiration from the City’s long embracement of the Art Deco’s style. Soothing shades are present in the master bedroom which are of gray and elevated with unique silhouettes and bold patterns.

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The windows are made to have an appearance of punctured openings either round or square. This is for the purpose of maintaining a streamlined appearance of the building. The openings are filled with a horizontal arrangement of bands of glass that are continuous. Decorative glass or glass blocks are used to fill the wall openings to create a contrast of void and solid forms while admitting the day-light. Most of the large buildings and apartments felt the aesthetic success of the decorative spandrel embarrassed panels laid below the windows.

Art Deco has greatly influenced the feminine twist in the sense that it is characterized by high-intensity hues as it is the case in the master bedroom of Hell’s kitchen. The great look is achieved through a cosy range of colours used in the rooms. The sculptural lamps, custom nightstands and the vanity with a metallic frame make the look of the room to be outstanding and glorious.


Consequently, the Art Deco is one of the unique arts compared to the modern and recent arts adopted by the people. This is because the art Deco offers a combination of arts embedded together to achieve one great art that is undisputedly great. For example, the use of the art of painting alongside sculptural patterns and shapes makes it outs and the modern arts.

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