Which Items Should Be Stored When Staging A Home

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When trying to sell your home, home staging is a very important step that you will need to take in order to increase your chances. While staging is seen as something optional in some cases, preparing the house in order to make it appealing to potential customers is not something that should be overlooked. Home staging involves everything from cleaning to place to make it look spotless all the way to creating an atmosphere for potential buyers in order to make the experience more memorable – which will hopefully result in a purchase.


Why Is Depersonalising Important?

One aspect that sometimes gets ignored when it comes to home staging is depersonalising. Simply put, this step involves the removal of all your personal items from your home in order to prepare it for staging. While you don’t want to make the environment too sterile due to the fact that it can be uninviting, you want to find the right balance between making the place feel cozy but at the same time not crowded (i.e. without too much furniture and accessories). The idea behind the process is to allow the potential buyer to see himself living in the house, which can be difficult to do when all your personal items are lying around.


Small Personal Items

The first things that should go are personal photos or family portraits. Other small items that should be included on the list are virtually anything that would give the impression that people are living in the house. Which means everything from makeup to toothbrushes, toys, laundry, dishes, shampoo, and more. Given the size of these items, storage shouldn’t be too much of an issue. They can be placed in boxes, drawers under the bed or closet (as long as it’s hidden and won’t show when checking out the closet). However, when it comes to larger items that you’ll need to put away then you can opt for Self Storage Epping. Epping Storage allows you to rent a space for a period of time and store your belongings which you can’t keep in the house.




Remove Accessories And Personal Art

When it comes to accessories everyone has a different taste, which is an important thing that you’ll have to keep in mind – because while you might like some specific things the buyer might not be impressed. You’re not trying to show the buyer your personality; the goal is to showcase the house itself. What this means is that posters, logos, religious icons, etc. should be but away via Epping Storage. Collections should also go away, as they can distract the buyer from what’s really important in the room.

Similarly, certificates, awards and personal photos should also be put away. Buyers will get distracted by photos due to curiosity, which will not only make them pay less attention to what the house has to offer, but they will also end up spending less time envisioning themselves living in the house. By making the place feel less personal the result will be that buyers will be able to move on psychologically.

Religious items, political items, or things that could be deemed controversial should also be put away. Many people will end up seeing your home, and some might not share your views – which in turn means that the buyers will be turned off by the whole experience and thus the chances of buying the place decreases. You can never really know what kind of things might turn off people or what they might find inappropriate, which means it’s better to stay on the safe side and give plenty of attention to depersonalising your home.

It goes without saying that most of the clothing items and shoes should be packed up, due to the fact that the closet will look more elegant if it’s not stacked with clothes. Remember that you want to make the place feel cozy, which means that decorative objects that don’t have any personal meaning are allowed – in order to draw attention to certain features.



Paying Attention To The Outdoors

It’s believed that homebuyers make up their mind on a house within 8 seconds. The reason why this is important is because you want to pay attention to the outside area as well. With Epping Storage you can put away all the clutter from your garage and make the place spotless in order to make the place more inviting. New welcoming mats, flowers and lanterns which can bright up the place are also a good idea. When it comes to removing things, you will want to get rid of doormats or plaques that have your name on it, door wreaths, etc.