Tips for getting your bond back

When you rent or lease a house or flat, you’ll need to pay a bond. This security bond covers the landlord’s expenses if you leave the unit damaged after your lease ends. However, landlords sometimes come up with excuses in order to keep part or even all of your bond. These tips ensure that you’ll get your full bond back after you move out of the unit.

Take photos at move-in and move-out 
Take photos of the flat or house before you move into it. Save those photos. Take a new set of photos when your belongings are out of the unit. The photos provide you with proof of the condition before you moved in and after you moved out of the unit. If there is any doubt about the state of cleanliness or an area of damage, the photos will prove your case. If you forgot to take photos at move-in time, be sure to take them when you vacate the premises.

Use an Epping Storage unit 
Cleaning your flat or rental house is easier when all of your stuff is out of it. Take your belongings to an Epping Storage unit. You’ll have more room to clean, and you’ll notice any areas of damage that require repairs before you turn in your keys. If your new house or flat isn’t ready for your arrival, the Epping Storage unit gives you a secure place to store your belongings while you stay with friends or at a motel for a night or two.

Hire a professional cleaning service 
If cleaning isn’t your strong suit, hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you. This is also a good idea if you’re overloaded with work or the details of your move. Professional cleaners find all the dirt and grime that you might not notice. Be sure to hold onto your receipts from the cleaners. If the landlord doubts that you cleaned the unit properly, you’ll have proof. Some professional cleaning services offer a full refund if you don’t get your bond back.

Choose a reputable moving service 
Trying to move your furniture into and out of a flat could be a challenge. Tight hallways and narrow doorways could lead to dents, dings and scratches on the walls, base boards and ceilings. Instead of risking damage to the flat’s drywall and trim, hire a team of professional movers to navigate the space for you. Professional movers use padding and corner covers to protect your belongings and the flat from damage. If they do cause damage to the flat, they’ll pay to have it repaired.

Do a walk-through with the landlord 
If possible, do a final walk-through with the landlord. This gives you a chance to arrange for any additional cleaning or repairs that are needed in order for you to get your bond back. The landlord won’t be able to make any false claims about the state of the unit after your lease if you do the final walk-through and inspection together.