Five best outdoor ideas to try out in Melbourne

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Yay! At least spring is here, doing things the same way each day can be monotonous. With the weather being warm in Melbourne, remaining indoors for any activity is such a cliché. If you consider yourself an extrovert, then the following five ideas will be a plus for you.


Outdoor art

Art is a way of transferring your ideas or feelings to the world. You don’t need to have an articulate mind like Picasso so that you can achieve this. You can try out painting your outdoor rooms or walls. If you find this boring, why don’t you try epoxy coat? There are several types of epoxies with the most preferred epoxy being art resin. You can use it to coat any art, leaves or flowers without them decaying or weathering. Additionally, you can also try out glow in the dark stones – they are cemented together on walkways. You can try out any pattern.


Patios are outdoor areas that are mostly used as dining or recreational areas. The secret to designing the perfect patio lies with the will to try out anything; be bold. There are several patio ideas that will blow your mind with the most preferred ideas being those that resemble living rooms with the only disparity being that they are done outside. It is advisable though to use furniture that weather resistant.


Decks are elevated outdoor areas that are adjacent to a building. They can be transformed from their gloomy look to any beautiful look. With the weather remaining warm for the better part of the year, several deck ideas might brighten up your days. Using wooden slates to add privacy and block sunlight can help you stay relaxed. Remember to use furniture that is weather resistance.

Outdoor kitchen

There are several kitchen ideas that are impossible to say no to. Building an outdoor kitchen from scratch can be daunting, but it is worth it. An outdoor kitchen is epic since you will have ample time to connect with your friends while cooking. Additionally, you can decide to purchase outdoor pizza ovens and have home cooked pizzas during weekends.

Outdoor illuminated dining table

This is one of the most beautiful scenes you can have in your home if you take your time and try out several ideas. With minimal showers being expected, you can use several light bulbs to illuminate your dining area. You can also use glow in the dark powder to customise your outdoor furniture.

With Melbourne experiencing warm weather, several outdoor ideas can do magic to brighten up gloomy days. The secret to any beautiful look lies with the willingness to be bold in colours. If you are up for the challenge, why don’t you try out some of these ideas and give your experience