Self Storage in Thornbury mostly consisted of large warehouses storing scrap metal and other items intertwined with your property. This was not ideal, especially when you needed to store valuable furniture. Fortunately, if you live in the Thornbury, Preston or Northcote area, you have an option to store your furniture at StoreLocal Northcote.

There are many reasons why you might want to store furniture at our StoreLocal Northcote facility. Perhaps you’ve moved into a smaller home, but don’t want to get rid of much-loved but no longer practical pieces just yet. You might be renovating your current space. Or you’ve just immigrated to Australia, and you find that you’ve brought WAY too much stuff along. You could even just need the space because you specialise in buying and selling antique furniture, and need to store them somewhere.

Whatever your reason might be, these tips will help you to keep your stored furniture safe and in tip-top condition.


Before storing your furniture, make sure that it’s clean and cared for. Steam clean all upholstered furniture: this will remove any stains and food residue that might attract critters. Wooden furniture should be oiled, waxed and buffed with a suitable product a few weeks before moving it into storage – this will prevent the wood from cracking and splitting. Also check that any wooden furniture doesn’t have any signs of pests such as woodworm.


Make sure that all loose items are removed from inside drawers, cupboards, pots or vases. Anything that rattles or rolls can damage your furniture – and if it’s bits of food, it will definitely attract rodents.


If possible, try to dissemble your furniture pieces, such as table legs, headboards and footboards. This will make it easier to wrap them, and will also make it easy to move about and load into the truck, since it reduces the weight of the item. It will also help maximise the use of space in your Self Storage unit. However, make sure that you keep any screws, bolts and fiddly bits clearly labeled in a plastic bag – tape it on to the relevant furniture for when it needs assembling again.


Before packaging any of your furniture items, make sure they are clean and dry. Plastic wrap such as bubble wrap and shrink wrap can be used to protect upholstered furniture and fabric items, but should be avoided when the furniture is made of leather or wood. Plastic can stop organic materials from “breathing”, causing them to warp, dry out or be damaged. For leather and wooden furniture, wrap them in soft blankets first, and then cover with plastic if you think it is necessary.


When packing your Self Storage unit, work with a clear plan. Put the biggest, heaviest objects right at the back, and don’t pack heavy boxes on lighter or weaker ones. Clearly label all boxes and covered items so that you know exactly what’s what. Leave space inside the unit for access to different parts of the container when you need it. Try to elevate wooden furniture by using pallets or cinderblocks. And use protective coverings where necessary to protect against dust and critters.


Depending on what you’re storing, you might need to choose a climate-controlled Self Storage unit. This is especially important when it comes to wooden furniture, and any kind of antique and precious furniture items, art, and wine. A climate-controlled unit will make sure that the relative humidity in the Self Storage container does not fluctuate too drastically, keeping your wooden items from cracking and warping.

If you live in Thornbury, Preston or Northcote, and you’re unsure how best to store your furniture, our team at StoreLocal Northcote can help with good Self Storage advice. Don’t hesitate to call us!