How to turn your garage into a living space

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Whether you’re looking for a place for your teenager to entertain their friends and hang out or creating a bedroom where guests can stay, adding onto your house might not be an option. While it’s a great idea for people who have space on their lot and the money to pay for construction, if it’s not a possibility for you, know that you have other options to increase your living space. Using your garage is one way to add onto your home without having to take on a major building project, and self storage in Brunswick can even solve the problem of where to put the possessions that you move, but there are some things that you need to build within the garage to make it habitable.


Climate control

One of the bigger challenges of converting a garage into a living space is controlling the climate. If the garage is too hot or humid during warmer months or cold during cooler months, it will always feel like a garage. There are a few things that you should add to even out the temperature of the garage. For instance, you might need to invest in insulation to keep warmth in when the temperatures drop, but that’s not enough. You’ll also need heating and cooling sources, as well as a way to circulate air and maintain keep humidity down. There are several ways to accomplish these goals. For instance, it might be possible to connect the ductwork in your home up to the garage. If that’s not feasible, you can invest in a window unit for the air conditioning and a heat lamp for a heating source.


Especially if you’re going to use the garage as a bedroom, you need to make sure that the room is secure. This might mean putting up new doors with deadbolts or installing a security system. Windows can also be frosted so that you’re letting light in but keeping prying eyes out. You should also make opening the garage door from the outside more difficult. Burglars can open garage doors from the outside by using a coat hanger to pull at the emergency safety release on an automatic garage door, but using something as simple as a zip tie to secure the emergency release cord can make it much more difficult. If you’re certain that you won’t want to convert the garage back later, you can also put up drywall over the garage door and disable the mechanism.


Flooring and walls

Depending on the grading of your driveway and other factors, you might also need to raise the floor to keep water out. Talk to a contractor to fully understand what your garage will require. Then, you’ll need to choose flooring. Again, there might be some restrictions depending on how much you’re willing to invest in the subfloor and the current state of your garage floor. For the walls, standard drywall is probably your best option, although you could choose wood paneling or a number of other options.




More than likely, there’s probably some electrical outlets and lighting in your garage. But depending on how you’ll be using the garage, you might need to be more strategic about the electrical system. If you want the garage to be more like an apartment with a kitchen, you might also need to switch out the breaker panel and increase the amperage capacity to handle the extra energy that the room or apartment will be using. More than likely, you’ll also need to add more light sources and electrical outlets.


If you think this sounds like a great idea, you might be wondering what you should do with all of your current possessions in the garage. Self storage in Brunswick can give you a place to store items that you’re not ready to get rid of but need out of the way. And if you need a place to store some of your building materials, self storage in Brunswick can solve that problem for you, too.