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Chances are, you accumulated a whole heap of new belongings over the course of 2017. If your home is messy, you’ve probably set yourself a new year’s resolution to declutter and take control of your life. You might want 2018 to be the year you finally get completely organised and stay that way. With access to Self Storage in Bunbury from StoreLocal Bunbury, you can start organising your home from top to bottom.

Evaluate your goals

The first step to getting organised is to take a step back and evaluate your goals in correlation with your current life. For example, you might want to wake up at 5:00am every morning, and you currently wake up at 7:00am on weekdays and sleep in more on weekends. Or, you might want to limit your takeaway meals to once a fortnight, but you currently have takeaway once a week. Taking the time to evaluate where you’re starting point is when it comes to achieving your goals can make the process feel less daunting.

Declutter your home

Whether having a clutter-free home is one of your resolutions or not, you should still take the time to declutter. Mess and piles of clutter in your home has been linked to causing stress and anxiety, so you should clean up anyway. Seeing mess in your home can also distract your mind, making it more difficult to focus on achieving your other goals. Cleaning up small messes can also be used as a way to procrastinate completing other important tasks.

Create a fresh start

There’s no better time than the start of a brand new year to give yourself a fresh start. Try and connect some of your new year resolutions to a fresh beginning. For example, if your resolution is to live a more minimalist lifestyle, take the opportunity of the new year to remove a lot of your unnecessary belongings from your home. Whatever your resolutions are, giving yourself a fresh slate can help you feel more motivated and excited for the year ahead.

If you’re ready to get organised for 2018, contact the team at StoreLocal Bunbury toady to learn more about your storage options.