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In most cases, the home is the most valuable thing every person has ever bought. Besides, the cost incurred while buying it is only the beginning. This is a result due to the need for renovation to improve the value of the home.

Fixing up the homes is recommendable for every individual. There are several home improvements that one can apply in their homes to make it a less Epping place. This include:


1. Changing the colour scheme

This entails repainting the inside of the house. A significant number of real estate’s agents recommend the same. Studies have also revealed that a fresh coat in the right shade can boost the value of a home significantly. In consideration of the colours, tones like beige and grey have been popularly used.


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2. The landscape

One should be sure to keep the lawn as simple as possible. One can also put a stone walkway that is lined with greenery to make the place appealing. Slight lawn care can go far. Weed control and application of fertiliser achieves this. A well-kept lawn is ever smart.


3. Replacement of old windows

Accordingly, new windows help much in eliminating drafts that are capable of discouraging potential buyers in case of a need to sell. Moreover, new windows help in freshening the home’s appearance. It is not always necessary to do a full window replacement; one should look at the condensation between window panes. Additionally, one should even take care of the rotting frames.

4. Installing hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are more elegant than wall to wall carpets. Although they are costlier than carpets, in the end, they may be cost effective too. Hardwood floors can last up to more than twenty-five years. This is twice the time carpets can last. The floor needs to be reapplied a protective coating after a duration of three to five years. Then one should sand and refinish the floor. A hardwood floor also needs to be swept and vacuumed often for it to last long.


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5. Kicking up the curb appeal

A humble garage door adds more value at home. It is recommendable to replace an outdated garage door with an upscale steel model. A good garage door also helps in improving the insulation mostly in colder states.

6. Replacement of a shower head

Starting a morning routine with a perfect shower experience is pleasant. While looking for a better shower head, it is better to use a sliding bar or a handheld shower head. This is important in that it makes it easy to adjust for different heights.

7. Repurpose an armoire

With a little creativity and painting, an unused bookcase or armoire can be quickly transformed to a beverage station. One can use the cabinets and drawers below for storage of linens, serving trays and utensils. Outfitting the underside of a shelf with hanging storage for wine glasses is also another idea. For easy access, it is wise to store the beverage glasses and bottles on open shelves.


8. Light the night

Outdoor and deck lighting adds beauty and safety to alfresco spaces. It allows one to enjoy while outside even after sunset. Hence making the home less Epping during the night. Illuminating it with low-voltage lighting that provides efficiency and long-lasting style.