Upgrade your Home for Under $500

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The word ‘renovation’ is enough to strike fear in the hearts of any penny-pincher. It elicits images of $50,000 kitchen revamps and extravagant bathroom overhauls. But what if we told you upgrading your home could cost you less than $500? These little affordable upgrades will breathe new life into your house. If you’re wondering where you’d keep all your stuff while you’re implementing these changes, stress no more. StoreLocal Self Storage Campbellfield has you covered with all kinds of storage solutions to meet your individual needs. 

So without further ado, here are our 5 favourite upgrades for under $500.

  1. Add some storage 

This is a pretty simple yet functional renovation that can add plenty of value to your home. No one wants their space to feel cluttered or overwhelming, so having plenty of creative storage solutions will make your home feel relaxed and stress-free.

Shelves are a fantastic and cheap storage solution. You can pick up everything you need from your local Bunnings and put them up yourself in one afternoon. It’s that easy! If you can’t add storage into your home, you can declutter by heading to self storage Campbellfield where your items will be kept safe and secure.

Bedroom storage with study desk

  1. Switch out the kitchen cabinets

If you’ve had the same kitchen cabinets in your property for a while, they can start to look a bit dated. However, you don’t have to renovate your entire kitchen and spend thousands to breathe new life into the space. Ikea have chic looking cabinets that will fool anyone into thinking you’ve dropped some serious cash on your kitchen. Check out these gorgeous modern cabinets for under $300! 

If you need packing supplies to put away all the stuff in your cabinets before the switch, check out StoreLocal Self Storage Campbellfield. They’re a one stop shop for all your packing needs. 

modern kitchen

  1. Pop a new mirror in the bathroom

When mirrors age, they warp, discolour, and age the room they’re hanging within. Bathroom mirrors especially fall prey to this. After all, they’re in the one room of the house that becomes damp and humid daily! Installing a new mirror in the bathroom will brighten the whole space. Also, the larger the mirror, the larger the bathroom will appear! Check out this beautifully framed mirror from the Pottery Barn outlet in Essendon Fields.

Mirror in modern grey bathroom

  1. Change taps and faucets around the house 

Water conservation is such an easy way to make your home more sustainable. It’s also a cheap fix-up that can have your house looking schmick. 

If you change the taps and faucets one at a time every few months, within a year, your home will be entirely water-efficient and looking amazing. If you’re looking to combine water efficiency with style, check out this matte black 3 function showerhead from Bunnings. 

Bathroom with focus on the taps

  1. Install some new light fixtures

Lighting isn’t something many people think about unless a bulb has blown. But having modern lighting can freshen any room up entirely. It doesn’t have to break the bank either! You can have very architectural lighting in your home for under $500! 

This pendant light from Mica Lighting would be an incredible addition to any kitchen space. Just picture it hanging over an island benchtop!

modern ceiling lights