How to make a tiny bathroom feel bigger

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One of the smallest rooms in your home is usually the bathroom. A tiny bathroom can make it seem like there’s nowhere to put anything that you need to use, such as towels and washcloths or toiletries that are used for taking a shower. Fortunately, there are ways to make even the smallest bathrooms feel like they are larger, such as using brighter colours.



Most bathrooms only have one or two windows. When natural light doesn’t reach the interior of a room, it can make the space seem smaller. Instead of using dark colours in your bathroom, change the colour scheme so that there are lighter shades. Pastel colours work well in a bathroom to give a feeling of more space, such as green or pink. Consider brighter shades for the accessories in the room, such as the items that are displayed on the counters.


Take an inventory of the items that are in your bathroom. Items that are only used during certain times of the year can be put in a Storage Newmarket unit. Another option would be to take these items to a unit while you’re painting or installing new flooring to make the bathroom feel bigger so that you can work without destroying your belongings.

Sink options

Many bathrooms have a large counter or vanity that holds the sink and that has storage space. An option to add more room in the bathroom is to remove the vanity and install a pedestal sink. You can attach a curtain along the edge of the sink to create a storage space underneath for small boxes and cleaning supplies. This is usually an option that doesn’t cost a lot of money and that can greatly transform the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Recess shelves

If there are shelves that stick out from the walls or other storage accessories that stick out, consider removing them and creating recessed spaces. Install a closet or a space inside the wall for decorations so that there is a smooth appearance on the walls in the room. Large cabinets can be put in a Storage Newmarket unit until you’re ready to use them in another area of your home. Along with removing the shelves and cabinets, you can also remove hooks and racks that make the bathroom appear cluttered.


Since mirrors reflect surfaces, hanging a large mirror on one wall so that it reflects the entire room can make the bathroom seem bigger. The best place to put a large mirror is at the bathroom sink. The lights in the room will reflect while showing the colour palette of the room as well.