How To Organise Your Kitchen Bench

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When it comes to available space, one of the biggest pain points in a home is the kitchen bench. Your benchtop can easily become crowded, which makes it hard for you to work. Since some people opt for quick and unhealthy foods instead of cleaning their benchtop and cooking at home, an organised and spacious kitchen bench is important. These are some clever ways to make the most of your bench space.


Build a pull-out cutting board

If you have some empty room under your kitchen bench, you can put a sturdy pull-out board under it. When you do this, be sure to install it securely to prevent it from breaking or moving when you’re applying pressure to the cutting board.



Install racks or drawers under the benchtop

Another idea for a benchtop that has one continuous space under it is to install storage compartments. You can add stacking shelves, drawers or racks. Some people store large pots and pans along the shelf and waste most of the empty space. If you put drawers or shelves under the bench, you can store food, smaller dishes and other items.



Add a shelving unit along one wall

If space allows, add some shelves that you can use for pans, plastic containers or small kitchen appliances on your kitchen wall. From panini presses to rice cookers, there are many types of kitchen aids that take up space on the bench. Keep the two or three devices that you use most often, and store the items that you only use once a week or less on your shelves.



Install some hooks for pots and pans

Those big pots and pans that often sit under kitchen benches can be stored on the wall or on a hanging ceiling rack. Alternately, you can build an overhead rack along your kitchen bench if it has space for poles on each side. With the bulky pots and pans overhead, they’re easier to reach and easier to organise.



Use thin step-like shelves for the benchtop

For vitamin bottles, spices or other necessities that you don’t want to put in cupboards, get a small set of step shelves. These eliminate the need to take everything out when you need something, and they make your benchtop look more spacious and organised.



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