How to Store Wine

Storing wine properly is not too difficult, but many people are unaware of the parameters that wine needs for maintaining its flavor. For thousands of years, people used underground caves and cellars to store their bottles, vessels and barrels of wine. You can re-create these conditions no matter whether you have a small collection of wine or a large one.


Invest in proper shelving

Uncorked bottles of wine should be kept on their sides. Doing this keeps the bottle’s cork in constant contact with the wine. A moist cork retains its size and shape, while a dry one shrinks and allows air and dust to get into the bottle. Purchase proper shelving for holding wine bottles sideways.

Consider a wine cooler for home

If you have a couple of bottles of wine in use at any given time, consider investing in a small wine cooler for your home. The coolers keep wine bottles on their sides. Because you only store wine in them, they are not opened and closed as frequently as your refrigerator with food in it. This allows the wine to stay at a consistent temperature and humidity level without exposure to light or vibrations that could cause problems.


Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is the archenemy of wine. The ultraviolet light from the sun causes premature ageing of the wine. White wine is the most at risk of sunlight damage, but even red wine can lose its taste if it’s exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Place the wine shelving along a back wall, and you won’t have to worry about any sunlight exposure for your wine collection.


Keep the bottles still

Vibrations from a regular refrigerator, kitchen appliances or storage in a busy room of your house cause constant agitation of the wine. The sediment in the wine will never have a chance to settle out, which damages the wine over time. Wine exposed to constant or frequent vibrations won’t taste good.


Store your wine with StoreLocal Newmarket

One of the most important wine storage tips is to keep the bottles at a consistent temperature. Ideally, wine should be stored at temperatures of 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. Rapid variations in temperature or exposure to extreme heat or cold causes harm to the compounds in the wine that give it the delightful aromas and flavours. A consistent humidity level is also important for wine storage.

StoreLocal Newmarket’s climate controlled wine cellar provides a great solution for wine storage when you need a bit more space in your home or business.