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Hallways, foyers and entryways pose notorious interior decor challenges. How can a regular homeowner or resident create something appealing with a limited margin for error and a high chance that visitors will cast a critical eye towards the results? These simple tips might transform your perspective.


Do something with all of that empty wall space

Most householders leave their hallways relatively unadorned, but these are great places for creative experimentation. For instance, a single band of paint can make a great accent for an otherwise boring interior, and adding items like mirrors can fool the brain into feeling far less claustrophobic in narrow passages.

From hanging posters and tapestries to mounting wood veneer panels, small interior redecoration projects are perfect for hallways and entryways. Many of these undertakings, such as creating photo mural walls or hanging soundproofing to keep the noise down in adjacent rooms, only take a weekend or two.

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Let some light shine in

Since hallways are thin and narrow, they tend to get inundated in shadow. This can contribute to the stuffy closeness that plagues so many Australian homes, but savvy decorators know how to fight back. Upgrading lightbulbs, adding mirrors and using airy paint hues are all excellent ways to brighten up these transitional zones. When adding lights, consider sconces and similar fixtures that direct illumination upwards to push shadows back and increase the sense of height.


Eliminate clutter for more elbow room

Few things say welcome like homes that are easily accessible. While this doesn’t mean that Aussies should just open their doors to any random person that comes knocking, it’s a lesson worth applying to hallway design projects. Since the overwhelming majority of foyers, entryways and halls are narrow or irregularly shaped, it behoves interior designers to accommodate occupants as much as possible.

Using a Self Storage in Kenmore is a great way to solve a lack of space. Overly large items, like display cases and shelves, can make it extremely difficult to navigate already-thin hallways, so place them in a storage unit. Other forms of clutter, such as extra shoes, unused coats and household junk that’s not useful enough to keep on hand yet too valuable to throw away, are also prime candidates for long-term Storage in Seventeen Mile Rocks.


Make distinguishing decor choices

Many hallways are positively uninspired, so why not create a design that deviates from the rest of the home? When it comes to flooring, paint colours, wood trim and other featural elements, hallways don’t have to match the rooms they lead to. Using them to create completely unique themes that still fit within the overall aesthetic makes homes far more interesting.



Rethink those rugs

Not every room needs a rug, and high-traffic zones tend to collect dirt, so why not make life simpler? From a decor perspective, it’s deceptively easy to overwhelm small areas with busy designs. Since most people who enter hallways don’t stand around admiring them for too long, it’s OK to keep elements like rugs basic or eliminate them entirely.