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Over time, your home will most likely increase in value. While the current housing market means this will probably occur naturally, there are still a few easy things you can do to make your home more valuable. Self Storage in Bunbury from StoreLocal Bunbury can help you make the desired improvements to your home.

Five upgrades to increase the value of your home

If you’ve been looking for ways to intensify the value your home has to offer, consider the following upgrade options.

  1. Give the paint a refresh

Paint can degrade over time, and giving your walls a refresh can make a big difference to the value of your home. You can choose to just refresh the paint with another coat of the same colour, or completely upgrade and change the look of your home. If you don’t want to paint your whole house, consider painting some key features like your front door. You can move some of your belongings into Self Storage in Bunbury to protect them from the paint.

      2. Redo the flooring

Flooring can become outdated as the current trends and styles change. Some types of flooring, carpets in particular, can become worn down over time. While it can be quite expensive to completely change the flooring in your entire home, it can positively impact the value of your home in a significant way.

      3. Landscape your gardens 

The outside of your home is a massive determinant of your home’s value. Doing some basic landscaping to improve your back and front gardens can have a massive difference. The level of landscaping you invest in could range from planting a few new flowers to completely redesigning the layout of garden.

      4. Use Self Storage in Bunbury to declutter

You probably have too much stuff inside your home, because almost everyone does. But you don’t need to simply throw all the items away; Self Storage in Bunbury is the perfect location for storing items you want to keep but don’t necessarily need in your home. Decluttering your home can enhance its visual appeal and therefore increase the value of your home.

      5. Update bathroom fixtures

You might not be financially able to completely update your entire bathroom; however, even switching out the fixtures can make a positive difference. This could be as detailed as replacing the entire sink and cabinets, but it could also be more simple, like updating the towel rack and drawer handles.

When it comes to adding value to your home, these simple and straightforward steps can make the process a whole lot easier. Contact the storage experts at StoreLocal Bunbury to learn more about your options.