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While many people claim that not having to do yard work is what drew them to apartment living a few flowers are always nice to have around. If you are someone who is missing having a garden, whether it be flowers, veggies, or herbs you will be glad to know that even a small balcony can be transformed into a lovely garden space. First decide what you want to grow, and what you would like your space to ultimately be used for. Will it be a quiet reading spot, a lovely coffee nook, a place to have drinks with friends after dinner? Maybe you only want to use the space for a small garden and nothing else? Knowing what your final goal is will help you go in the right direction.

What if you have let your balcony become the place where stuff goes to die. Is it full of unused furniture, dead plants, and other rubbish you didn’t feel like hauling down to the street? Here is where the work begins. If your problem is a lack of space don’t give up. If your balcony has become a temporary Jindalee storage space, move everything to a more permanent place. Renting a Jindalee Storage Unit is the answer. Jindalee Storage has what ever size you need. They are a safe way to store things you don’t want to throw out but aren’t sure what to do with now. A Jindalee Storage Unit can hold all the things you don’t have space for till you decide what to do.

garden on balcony

Now that your balcony is a clean slate you can decide how to create that perfect garden spot. Like any project, you should start with a plan on paper. You will need to measure the balcony so you will have an idea of how to arrange things. You will also need to take into consideration whether your balcony faces the sun or is shady most of the time. It will make a difference in the kind of plants you can use. If your balcony floor is concrete, you will probably want to install something more attractive yet practical. If you own your apartment you can install tiles, you can lay down tiles if you don’t own the apartment as long they are easily picked up. Another solution could be an indoor/outdoor rug. These rugs are made of recycled plastic and can withstand any kind of weather.

garden on deck

Small spaces are well served by vertical gardens. You can make one from a wooden pallet. It will hold several hanging planters. Tall slim containers will give the illusion of height. Using tables of different size will add interest to your garden. Terra cotta pots are the best choice as plastic will not let your plants breath. Setting saucers under your pots will keep water from running out on your balcony.

Many people like to create a privacy barrier with plants. This can be done easily by tying twine from the rails to the top of the balcony so that plants can climb the twine, creating a living wall. Planters can be attached to the rails giving you more floor space.

balcony garden

Once you decide what kind of plants you will have in your garden you can decide what else it will contain. A chair for reading, or a small table and chairs for coffee. If you want your garden to be a sanctuary from stress you might consider a small tabletop fountain. Listening to running water can be very peaceful. If you have a window that looks into the apartment you can set up an aquarium on a table inside the apartment so that you can watch the fish and relax.

There are many options for a small balcony garden. Whether you plant flowers or veggies, or herbs for cooking the sight and smell will bring you joy. We all need a place to relax and recharge. A beautiful peaceful garden will reward you many times over. For more tips, follow the Jindalee Storage blog.