4 Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

In a 2018 survey — by an independent firm on what buyers consider when buying a home — kitchen remains the most critical part of a home. Unlike decades ago, the kitchen is now a space for trends and countless interior décor experimentation. The following are some of the kitchen trends in 2019.


  1. Customizable kitchen storage

The definition of an efficient kitchen storage is subjective but any ideal storage must be accessible and should complement the kitchen interior décor. In 2019, nobody wants to mix kitchenware due to two main reasons — for accessing different kitchenware quickly and more importantly, mixing various kitchenware is a recipe for kitchen accidents. Fortunately, Berwick Storage is a game changer in the world of kitchen storage in the following ways.





First, Berwick Storage acknowledges the importance of accessing different kitchenware when preparing meals. The built structure allows easy access, and according to interior décor designers, this is what the majority of homeowners expects from a storage. Second, any ideal space must create more space in the kitchen — for easy mobility. Berwick Storage is a perfect illustration when it comes to the creation of more space in modern kitchens. According to pundits, more space translates to a safe kitchen and more importantly — a beautiful kitchen.

Thirdly, an ideal kitchen space gives the homeowner a chance to rearrange their kitchen more effectively. Finally, any ideal kitchen storage should give a homeowner the liberty to personalise their kitchen.



  1. Hardwood-inspired floors by using the of ceramic flooring

The kitchen floor is one of the first things you interact within a kitchen. The kitchen floor is also one of the factors that paint a picture of how modern a kitchen is, compared to other parts of the house. Hardwood look is synonymous with a beautiful kitchen and more importantly stylish kitchen. In 2019, the trend of hardwood-inspired floors will dominate in the 2019 kitchen trends.


Thanks to technology, it is now economically possible to achieve a hardwood look with a fraction of the budget — thanks to ceramic flooring. Unlike other flooring options, this trend is home to endless colours, designs, and personalised floors. Unlike other flooring options, ceramic flooring comes in different colours and this property is a game changer in the world of flooring. Depending on your kitchen design — or what you want to achieve — it is possible to get the ideal floor colours.


On the other hand, ceramic flooring will be popular because, unlike other flooring options, ceramic flooring is the only option that comes with many designs and therefore accommodating different kitchen design.



  1. Moody hues replacing the bright kitchen colours

In the last decade, colourful themes have dominated the kitchen scene. The trend was consistent with the Scandinavian wave — that continues to dominate the interior design space. The main reason why people invested in bright kitchen colours was the fact that brilliant themes accommodated most kitchenware and more importantly, few people were willing to experiment with moody hues. Bright colours in the kitchen also gave most kitchens a personalised look and a sense of minimalism.

However, moody hues are making a comeback in kitchen space — thanks to endless experimentation. First, moody hues — contrary to popular belief — are highly customisable. Unlike the bright kitchen colours and Scandinavian themes, this trend accommodates all types of modifications. With moody hues, it is possible to experiment with different themes and colours, without losing the authenticity or the beauty of your kitchen. Prior to this trend, most people associated bright kitchen themes with an easy arrangement of kitchenware in the kitchen. However, pundits and designers point out that moody hues serve the same purpose and investing in this new trend will not make your kitchen lose its character and style.



  1. Smart kitchens are slowly changing how people view the modern kitchen

In the last five years, smart kitchens have become more popular and affordable. It is now easy to find smart refrigerators in a random kitchen compared to five years ago. This trend will be one of the most visible trends in 2019 because of the following reasons. First, developers continue to develop better apps for controlling different smart gadgets in a kitchen. It is possible to manage a number of kitchen gadgets, regardless if you are home or not. Pundits believe that people will continue investing in this technology.


Second, smart kitchen as a trend is irreversible. When you use a smart object in a kitchen setting, it is impossible to go back to typical gadgets. In 2019 therefore, people will invest in smart objects, and it will be an important year for experimentation — of how far people can continue using smart gadgets. It is, however, essential to note that the penetration of smart kitchen is slower compared to the other three trends discussed above.