Live A Greener Life

For many people, living the greenest and most environmentally friendly lifestyle you can is important; however, if you’re just starting out in your green lifestyle journey, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are a few tools available to you to help you out, including Self Storage in Busselton from StoreLocal Busselton. Follow these tips to get started lowering your carbon footprint.

Update your appliances

Older appliances are probably using far more energy than you realise or than they need to. To cut down on your electricity usage (and your bill!), update your appliances with newer models. While this process might be quite expensive upfront, it can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Update your insulation

Your home’s insulation sometimes needs to be updated or replaced. Again, while this might have an initial large cost, it can significantly decrease the cost of heating and cooling your home in the future.

Update your water fixtures

One of the best ways to live a greener lifestyle is to update your home’s water fixtures. Completing normal daily tasks, such as taking a shower or washing the dishes, can result in a lot of water being unnecessarily wasted. Updating your water fixtures to low-flow, energy efficient models can drastically cut down on the amount of water wasted when you turn on the taps.

Utilise Self Storage Busselton

One of the more drastic changes you can make to lower your carbon footprint is to downsize into a smaller home. This would be quite a significant change; however, it could work wonders for your lifestyle. Downsizing into a smaller home can lower the amount of energy you use to light, heat, or cool your entire home. It also calls for you to cut down on your needless purchasing and possession collecting.

When you move into a smaller home, there might be some items you can’t bring with you. For example, your five seater couch might not fit inside your new home, and you want to sell it but don’t have time to before you move. There might be a few other items you want to hang on to but simply don’t have the room in your smaller home. Storage in Busselton is the perfect solution, because you can keep anything you want there for as long as you need.

Recycle your rainwater

If your home includes a large garden with flowers or plants that require daily watering, this can take a huge toll on your water usage. If you collect and recycle rainwater, you can take care of your garden’s water needs without racking up an insane water bill.

Living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is a goal that everyone should be striving for, but it can be difficult to know how to get started. These tips can help you start in the right direction. To book your storage unit, contact the staff at StoreLocal Busselton today.