How to Prepare Items for Long Term Storage

At some point in life, the need to store your belongings for a long period of time could arise. Some circumstances such as deployment, long-term travel, or living outside the country for a period of time might force you to put away your classical car or store your furniture safely. It can be challenging to pack your stuff in a manner that will maintain their condition for the period you will be away. You could prepare for such scenarios so you won’t worry about your belongings you’re away for a long time.

One important factor you will want to consider is the place to store your belongings. Sometimes, storing your belongings in a long term storage unit away from home is a great idea. Actually, there are many advantages accrued to keeping your items in a self-storage Busselton unit for an extended period of time. However, before you throw your items into a storage unit and get going, here are a few things that can help you prepare items for long-term Busselton storage.


Find a good storage solution

Put into consideration the storage space as well as storage conditions you will need to store your items for a long-term. Renting an appropriate self-storage facility will be your best bet to keep your belongings secure as well as protected from hazardous elements. Here are a few factors to consider when you’re choosing a storage unit.


  • Self-storage unit size
  • Self-storage facility condition
  • Climate control
  • Security


Research storage restrictions

You should be sure about what can be stored in your storage unit. Storage facilities provides lists of restricted items and if they don’t, ask to see their rules and regulations. Some of the things that might not be accepted in your Busselton storage include fireworks, chemicals, fertilizers, paint, and gasoline. Additionally, any flammable belonging may not be accepted inside a storage unit. It is also at this point that you decide what items to keep. This is important because storage units comes at a cost and some old items might not be worth consuming your costly storage space. Whenever you are in a dilemma on whether to keep a certain item or not, ask yourself:

  • Will it be needed ever?
  • Is it convenient and functional?
  • Is it durable and high quality?
  • How expensive is it?
  • How easily can it be found?
  • Is there a sentimental value attached to it?


Pack your items properly

You will need your furniture to be in the same condition as you left it when you come back. Proper packing will go a long way into ensuring your belongings are secure while you’re away. Take your time to pack breakables well and stack boxes correctly. To avoid unnecessary damage as well as stress, keep furniture and boxes off the floor and strive to store your times as properly as possible. Here are a few tips to help you pack properly.

  • Use long-term storage boxes

To protect your items, you will need the right type of packing boxes including strong boxes in good condition that are dry and clean. Buy strong cardboard boxes in equal sizes to make stacking easier while optimizing your space. Another great ideas for packing containers include clear plastic bins. While at it, don’t use plastic bags.

  • Pack your items carefully

Find the most efficient and safest ways to pack your items for long-term Busselton storage. Pack similar items together, cushion and insulate the bottoms of the boxes, fill boxes to the brim, seal the boxes well, see to it that you label all the storage containers, and cover all kitchen appliances, furniture appliances and other items.


Travel and storage insurance

On top of other security measures, storage insurance will come in handy. Perform some research to ascertain whether your policy guidelines requires any additional insurance when renting your unit. The storage insurance policy should cover belongings stored off-site as well as in a long term storage unit.


Pack your unit efficiently and safely

The last step when you’re storing items for a long term is safely and strategically pack your storage unit. The first step in this direction is lining the floor. Cover the storage unit floor with canvas tarp or plastic sheet. You will also want to raise the floor so items are above it. Keeping your belongings off the floor will ensue there is enough air circulation as well as protect the items from leached moisture in the storage unit. Additionally, you will want to place the pieces appropriately however tempting it is to keep your couch vertically to save on space. How organize your storage unit will also play a role in making sure your Busselton storage is efficient and convenient.