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Do you have a room in our home that’s become the dumping ground for off-season sporting equipment, holiday decorations and other seldom-used household goods? Sell or donate those truly unloved items, then stash the rest in secure Self Storage Bunbury. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, you can use that spare room – and even profit from it using one or more of these ideas.


Put your skills to work


Don’t let your talents go to waste. Set up shop in your new space, invest in any necessary equipment, and start making money from home! Self Storage Bunbury provides extra space for storing supplies, equipment and inventory.


  1. Profit from your sewing skills by repairing or tailoring clothes from your home. Or embellish basic t-shirts, pillowcases and other items to sell online or at craft fairs.


  1. Craft beautiful or quirky creations to sell at Etsy. Find your own niche, and watch the profits grow. You can also sell vintage items, including clothing, at this online marketplace.


  1. Freelance writing, stock photography and web design are just a few of the in-demand skills you can profit from online. Developing or improving these skills is easy with online classes, and it isn’t difficult to find work. You may have to charge lower rates at first, but you can ask for more money as you build your client base.

Rent the space


  1. Someone may be looking for affordable accommodations in your town. Set up shop on Airbnb and browse local listings for competitive pricing info. Stand out by making your room as inviting as possible, taking great photos, and highlighting its best features in your listing. Themed rooms can be attractive to lodgers but be aware that you’ll only draw a very specific customer by going this route.


  1. Take in a regular renter. Ask for references, but don’t rely on them as a way to check out the person who will be living in your home. Carefully vet your new tenant by paying for a criminal background check and credit report.



Sell your stuff


  1. Sometimes it’s hard to justify tossing or donating your things, especially if they’re valuable. Consider listing them on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Quicksales, eBid or Letgo. I Do Gowns Australia is a great place to sell wedding gowns and other bridal or wedding items. Unload old phones and other tech items at Mazuma Mobile, Cashaphone, Fonebank or Sell Your Mobile.


  1. Pare your extra room down to the bare essentials by putting everything for sale in your garage or on your lawn. Anything you want to keep but lack space for can go into Self Storage in Bunbury.


From selling used or handcrafted goods online to renting out your space, there are many ways to make money from the spare bedroom. A nearby storage unit offers an opportunity to clear space for the supplies and equipment you need to launch your business. You can even use Self Storage in Bunbury as an additional work area. Contact the storage experts at StoreLocal for more information.