Getting the Most out of Your Closet Space

Anyone who’s been in the market for a new home can attest to the potential of closet space. An empty closet speaks of potential for almost every part of life. Someone with a love of the outdoors will imagine filling it with camping and hiking supplies. Someone just starting out in the world can envision an equal mix of clothing for fashion, fun and work. And parents usually see a sold plan for their child’s future.

But there’s something equally true about closet space. It usually runs out pretty quickly. And one of the more frustrating parts of this truth comes from the way in which it happens. But this also speaks to an easy solution. Basically, it all comes down to the fact that we usually forget about those firm plans for our closets.

Life has a way of moving rather quickly. And closets are where we do a large amount of our preparation for the events in our lives. However, it’s also something that can be closed off from the world with a flick of the wrist. Everyone’s familiar with that moment of panic when guests are about to come over to see a cluttered home. We’ll usually clean out the rooms. But we don’t clean out the closets. In fact, random debris from other cleaning projects tends to find its way into those already cluttered closets.

Almost any closest will gradually fill up with detritus from life, the household and a wide variety of outside sources. But again, this also points to a way to take care of all that clutter. If the problem comes from outside sources than remote storage can help in some significant ways. And if lack of focus for a closet’s purpose is the issue than purpose can help clean it out.

The first step is to stop putting anything into the closet for a while. It’s even helpful to start putting cleaned laundry anywhere else but the closet. This will become annoying rather quickly if you’re not hurrying along with the cleaning. But that annoyance can also be a fantastic motivator.


But even if you’re maintaining a one to one replacement there’s still a lot to be said for keeping anything new from getting into the closet. It means that even a tiny bit of progress is going to remain as progress. Where it’d otherwise be quickly undone by some random need to stuff more items into that rapidly diminishing space.

You should ideally try to rethink every closet’s purpose. One for casual clothing, another for storage and so on. You’ll probably need to have two or more defined intents for any given closet though. A common compromise is simply having a bedroom closet act as storage for the most used items of clothing. So if it’s a couple, than both people’s most worn casual and work outfits would go into it.

Once that intent is defined than it’s time to get to work. There’s another step before actually taking much out of your closet though. We noted that space is often dominated by items coming in from outside the home. But you can reverse that process to your own benefit.

You should find a reliable and reasonably priced storage solution. Gympie Storage is a good example of a company which offers a great balance between cost and quality. This is important because your closet work isn’t going to be a one time fix. For example, you’d want to keep your account with Gympie Storage going throughout the year. This essentially gives you a buffer for your closet space.


The biggest step in cleaning your closet comes from realizing how much isn’t going to be used at the moment. Out of season clothing is one of the best examples. This is also one of the best uses for services like Gympie Storage. You’ll find that simply organizing clothing by how interesting you find it won’t give you enough space. Instead, consider whether you’re interested in wearing a given article of clothing within the current season. If it’s out of season than it should go into storage.

At this point you’ll only need to keep scheduling and consistency in mind. Make sure to keep to a firm schedule of cycling out clothing in your closet for the new seasonal items in storage. You also need to continue keeping your closet organized by the criteria you decided on. Once you get started it’s much easier than you’d think to keep your closets organized.