Moving to Melbourne? Self Storage Can Help

Melbourne is a great city to move to. There is always something going on and even if you choose to live in the suburbs you are just a short commute away from all the action. While it is a fun place to live, the move itself may not be the most fun. Today we’ll share a few tips to help make the move a little easier including storing some of your stuff in Self Storage Campbellfield while you make the move.

1. Purge your Items First

Before you start diligently packing items away into cardboard boxes, do yourself a favour and take a look at the items you have in your home and decide if you really need all of them. You’ll likely find that there is a good amount of items that you can give away, donate, or dispose of prior to the move. This is a great way to ensure that you are not wasting time packing items that you will literally never use again.

Donation box filled with items to give to charity

2. Move the Old Stuff First

If you have any items that stay in your attic or garage all the time and do not get used much, you should look into Self Storage Campbellfield. You can store these items at Self Storage Campbellfield during your move to ensure that they are tucked away and will not be damaged during the move. If you want, you can also leave these items at Self Storage Campbellfield after the move so that you have more room in your home to store items you use more frequently. The friendly staff at Self Storage Campbellfield will work with you to find a place to keep your items safe and dry while you make the move.

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3. Enlist the help of Friends

When it comes to packing all of your stuff into boxes, it is always better to have as many people helping as possible. This means that you should purchase some snacks and drinks and invite all of your friends over to help you pack your things into boxes and load onto the moving truck. If your friends are willing, enlist their help to assist you in unpacking your boxes as well! The more hands you have unpacking things, the quicker you will be moved into your new home in Melbourne!

Group of friends packing things into boxes on stairwell

4. Keep the Essentials

When you are packing your items you may realise that you have a lot of things that you don’t use every day. Take advantage of the storage options at Self Storage Campbellfield and pick a space to store these items at a low cost so that you can have more space to actually live your life in your new home in Melbourne! This may seem like a minimalist lifestyle, but it is actually achievable because you have access to your items that are in storage at any time that you need them. At the same time, you’ll have more space available in your home and it won’t feel cluttered with all of your items.