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Many modern houses are designed with beautiful exteriors, but not much functional storage space inside them. And this can be pretty frustrating for a homeowner who can’t find a place to put all of the stuff that they don’t want to transfer to their Mt Ommaney Storage unit. Luckily, we have some creative storage ideas that can help keep all of your stuff tidy and easy to find.


Hideaway footstools

One of the newest trends in home decorating is the use of furniture that has hidden compartments inside it for storage. Footstools and benches seem to be the most popular, but there are also chairs that can hold blankets under their seat cushions. If you can’t seem to find any hideaway footstools for sale where you live, they are really easy to make with some inexpensive lumber, padding, and pretty fabric.


Shelving units

Shelves can be installed just about anywhere that you have some open wall space, and they can be made out of just about anything. For example, parents can try putting brackets onto old skateboards or surfboards to hang on the wall for kids who love outdoor adventures. Or, for the readers in the family, staple some books positioned horizontally with a couple of pieces of leather straps.


Hidden boxes

Most beds have several inches of unused space underneath them that can be utilised by adding some under-the-bed boxes that perfectly hide extra clothing, shoes, and toys. Or you can simply purchase a new bed that has the hidden compartments already built in. Other places that work great for hiding storage boxes are high closet shelves, low dresser units, and underneath the sofa. And they also work great for squeezing in a few more items in your Mt Ommaney Storage unit.



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Magnetic strips

Small objects have to be organised too. And one easy way to do this is with long magnets that are purchased at a craft supply store. Some of them come with adhesive already attached to the back of them, but if you can’t find any like this, just apply a few drops of glue to them instead. Then, all you have to do is place them in desk drawers, vanities, or kitchen pantry areas. They work especially well for holding small tins of spices, thumbtacks, and paperclips. However, if you want to hang up items that are a little bit larger than this, just use a wider magnetic strip.



Hooks of all different sizes work great for holding scarves, belts, and jewellery. So try adding a few of them above your bathroom sink and in all of the closets of the house. Renters who are worried about damaging the walls with them may want to try purchasing stick-on hooks that remove cleanly by pulling a tab at the bottom of them.