Must have items for your holiday home

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When you have a holiday home, you might not be sure of what to keep at it all year round and what to bring only when you need it. A good middle ground is to choose a nearby Noosa Storage center. Having a storage unit near your holiday home makes it easier to retrieve the things that you only need once in a while. Keep these other items at your holiday home on a year-round basis.


Cookware, dishes and utensils

Your holiday home should have enough pots and pans for preparing meals. Keep a supply of cutlery, utensils and dishes available. If you’re hosting a bigger crowd than usual, consider picking up a few packs of disposable plates, bowls, forks and spoons to accommodate your additional guests for the holiday season.



Keeping a supply of linens in your holiday home ensures that it’s ready for you even if you arrive late at night. Plan on maintaining two sets of sheets for each bed and two towels per guest. That way you’ll have one to use and one to launder. Keep a half-dozen kitchen towels and dish cloths available for the kitchen.


Small appliances

Whether you go to your holiday home once or twice each year or you visit it more frequently, it’s a good idea to keep essential small appliances on hand. Keep a coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster and microwave oven in your holiday home’s kitchen. You might also want to have a hair dryer and electric shaver awaiting your visits in the bathroom. Consider keeping an electric air pump available for inflating tires on your automobile, bicycle or outdoor sports equipment. If the holiday home has carpeting or rugs, keep a small vacuum in the linen closet.


Games, puzzles and entertainment options

When staying at your holiday home for a weekend or a week at a time, you’ll need some entertainment options. Consider keeping some board games, a deck of cards and a few puzzles around for family game nights. If you visit your holiday home with children, keep a few games that are at their age levels. A small bin of arts and crafts supplies is also a good idea. A pack of drawing paper, a box of crayons and a few other embellishments could keep children busy for hours. If watching movies or playing video games is one of your passions, consider keeping an old gaming system and some games or a DVD player and some movies in your holiday home.


Storage for items that need protection

Many people keep outdoor sports equipment at their holiday homes. These things might get damaged if they’re exposed to daily sunlight, rain or wind. A Noosa Storage unit offers protection from the elements. If you have a boat at your holiday home, it’s a good idea to take it to your storage unit. You won’t have to worry about weather-related damage, vandalism or theft when your bulky equipment and off-season items are in a climate-controlled and secured Noosa Storage center.