What to Put into Storage after Christmas

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Once the holidays have come and gone, your home may look cluttered and messy. An ideal solution for this problem is a Narre Warren Storage center. Instead of filling up your closets, attic or garage with seasonal paraphernalia, the storage center allows your home to remain tidy. As you clean up after Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations, take these categories of items to the Narre Warren Storage center.


Outdoor decorations

Outdoor decorations are often bulky. There’s no need to keep them in your home or garage all year long. Take Christmas wreaths, outdoor lights, inflatable decorations, ribbons and related items to the Narre Warren Storage center. Also pack the outdoor extension cords. Be sure to clean any dirt or debris off of the decorations before packing them into their storage containers.


Seasonal cookware, silverware, glassware and dishes

If you host a gathering for friends and family at Christmastime, you may have a large collection of seasonal cookware, dishes, silver utensils and glassware. These items would take up a lot of the space in your cabinets and on your shelves if you kept them in your home all year long. Carefully pack the glassware into the appropriate type of moving box. Use plenty of cushioning material to keep the glassware safe. Do the same for the set of china dishes and crystal vases you only use for the holidays. The baking pans, cookie cutters and serving dishes can also be taken to the storage center until you need them for next year’s holidays.


Rarely-used appliances

Rarely-used appliances also take up a lot of space in your kitchen or pantry. Instead of storing the turkey roaster or large electric food warmer in your house, take it to your storeroom. Appliances that you only use for Christmas or holiday cooking would get in your way the rest of the year. Getting them out of your kitchen and into your storehouse makes your everyday cooking simpler and less frustrating. Your kitchen will feel bigger when the things that you only use once or twice each year are removed from it.


Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees are bulky. Their boxes or storage crates take up a lot of space. You could put that space to better use throughout the year, and taking the tree to your storeroom could make your everyday activities more convenient. All of the tree-decorating accessories, including the tree skirt, strings of lights, ornaments and the star or angel for the top should also be carefully packed and taken to your storehouse. Be sure to pack fragile glass or porcelain ornaments in appropriate bins with plenty of cushioning material.


Other indoor Christmas decorations

Other indoor Christmas decorations such as candlesticks and holders, artificial garland, seasonal linens, snow globes, Christmas stockings and holders and other items should also be gently packed into boxes or plastic bins. Choose bins or boxes that stack well. Label their contents and take them to your storeroom until you’re ready to decorate for the next Christmas.