How to turn your home into a short term rental

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When it comes to lodging in Noosa, more and more tourists are choosing private homes over hotels. If you play your cards right, you can collect rent while you’re seeing the world or doing consulting work in another city. Here are some tips to help you compete with the resorts.



Make repairs and spruce up

Renters expect everything to be in working order. Dripping faucets, malfunctioning dishwashers and even burned-out lightbulbs count against you. Cosmetic retouches are in order as well. Give your rooms a fresh coat of paint. Update the light fixtures and hardware. Add colorful throw rugs and distinctive accent pillows. Towels, bedding, pillows and shower curtains must be in tiptop shape.


Invest in a high-tech lock

Passing keys around is not just a hassle. It’s a security risk. Spring for a sturdy electronic deadbolt that features remote programming and operation. Simply inform your guests of the code and change codes between rentals. The best models can be controlled from a computer or mobile device, so you needn’t worry if renters forget to lock up.



Be smart

A smart doorbell and camera combination that you can monitor from anywhere is nice to have. It will alert you when someone approaches the door. With some models, you can even converse with your guests. A smart thermostat could save you a fortune. People on holiday in Noosa aren’t especially conscientious about turning off the air conditioner when they leave.


Stock up on amenities

Little extras are well worth the investment. According to Airbnb, just supplying a blow-dryer fetches an extra $10 per night. At the very least, keep soap and shampoo in the bathrooms. Hand lotion, extra toothbrushes and disposable razors will especially impress renters. Furnish plenty of towels and washcloths. Supply a first-aid kit. Leave ample storage space. Whatever you do, don’t let guests run out of toilet paper.  Stock the kitchen with dishes, glassware, eating and serving utensils, cutlery and paper goods. Provide a can opener, bottle opener and corkscrew. A coffee maker is a must. Offer regular and decaf coffee as well as a selection of teas. Keep sugar, sweeteners and nonperishable creamers on hand. An iron, a full-size ironing board and desk supplies are greatly appreciated. Nothing feels homier than a shelfful of books and board games. Offer several movie channels. Secure your network and offer free Wi-Fi.


Keep it clean

Storage in Noosa is a godsend for people renting to tourists, and there’s no shortage of it. Nothing hurts worse than bad reviews for clutter and uncleanliness. Your guests needn’t compete with you for closet space. They shouldn’t have to rearrange the furniture to set up a portable crib. You shouldn’t worry about wine stains on your favorite rug or your tennis rackets disappearing. Storage in Noosa is convenient, secure and affordable, so remove as many traces of yourself as possible. Have a housekeeper come and thoroughly clean after every rental.