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If you’re a florist looking to enmesh yourself in the floral trends for 2018, there are a few paths that are open to you. Whether you’re helping plan a large wedding, an intimate anniversary party, or a spring-themed dance for one of the local schools, a focus on bright colours and elaborate designs should help you impress your clients. Here, then, are a few tried-and-true tips that will help you fit in with the styles of the current calendar year.

Self Storage Northcote for Vertical walls

While placing some pre-cut flowers in a few vases on the head table is perfectly fine, you can use the new year to go bigger and better. Vertical walls of flowers, which are sometimes known as living walls, offer a beautiful backdrop to wedding cakes, gifts, and photos. Brilliant dahlias, roses, marigolds, and even daisies can be used to create an eclectic vertical wall, but any flowers that are steeped in vibrancy will work well. Florists in Northcote often choose to keep materials, like the base of the wall, in Storage in Northcote.


Florals by Bows + Arrows | Photography by Perez

Source: Tesselaar Flowers

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Source: Wedluxe

photo: Jasmine Lee; The lush floral backdrop adds glamour and romance to a indoor wedding ceremony.

Source: Mod Wedding




Sunflowers of all varieties are back on top in 2018. From the lemon queens to the American mammoths that originated on the Kansas prairies, you can incorporate sunflowers into spring, summer, and fall events. Dwarf teddy bear varieties, which produce bulbous yellow flowers with small heads, can be used for outdoor weddings where the bride and gloom generally desire to link their marriage to nature.



Cascading Bouquet designed with Oncidium orchids, sunflowers and greenery. Designed by CS Events and Floral. Las Vegas, NV.

Source: Mims Wedding

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- sunflowers with other wild flowers | @Kym Ferbey Ferbey Moschgat | photo by Kym Moschgat Photography | www.kymmoschgat.com

Source: Kim Moschgat Photography


While traditional floral arrangements have always been highly dependent on brightly coloured petals, succulents have burst onto the scene this year with a vengeance. The soft green of the long, slender leaves works perfectly alongside dazzling flowers, and together the two can work well as focal points on the tables of guests at weddings. Miniature succulents might also be used as dainty party gifts for attendees to take home with them in remembrance of the big day.



eucalyptus and succulent bouquet - photo by Love Katie and Sarah http://ruffledblog.com/relaxed-backyard-australian-wedding #weddingbouquet #bouquets #succulents

Source: Ruffled Blog

green and purple succulent wedding centerpiece via Photography by Joem Aldea / http://www.himisspuff.com/succulent-wedding-decor-ideas/4/

Source: Hi Miss Puff

succulent favor sign "please take one home and let love grow" written by Kyle Michelle Weddings

Source: Kyle Michelle Weddings



Giant zinnias

Although zinnias have long had what seems like a million different uses in floral arrangements, 2018 has seen the arrival of the giant cactus variety, which produces large double flowers. The giant zinnias offer up a range of wonderful colours, from electric blue to canary yellow. As cut flowers, zinnias are particularly long-lasting when placed in water vases. In these cases, the smaller, lower leaves should be removed from the stem.




Preserving your arbours with Storage in Northcote 

If you’re often involved with large events that require big floral arbours, you should always arrange for a safe and secure place to keep your important items. With reputable storage in Northcote, you can ensure that even your biggest pots can be stored safely when they are not being used. In between events, most florists ultimately choose to thoroughly clean their pots while also removing any excess water or soil. This keeps the arbours in excellent shape throughout the balance of the year. Quality storage in Northcote, in fact, will always offer climate-controlled units that will keep your most delicate pieces in great condition while you continue to build your business and use your talent to make others happy.