Organise Kids’ Toys

When your children’s toys seem to overwhelm the home or they have toys they no longer play with, it’s time to organise them in Self Storage in Kelvin Grove from StoreLocal Newmarket. A storage unit is a blank slate. You can easily arrange boxes and larger items, such as bikes, in the space. You can use a storage unit for toys you might want to keep until your children are older or for toys you want to give as gifts during the year.

Colour coding

Toys that are kept in plastic containers and boxes can be colour-coded so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for instead of searching through everything at one time. Colours can be coordinated for what each child has in storage in Kelvin Grove or based on the type of toys in the unit.

Choose boxes carefully

There are units of all sizes, so you can find a unit suitable for all the toys you have. When you’re packing the boxes of toys, you want to find boxes that are the appropriate size for what you need. Don’t try to stuff too many toys into your boxes to prevent breaking or deformations that might occur. Stack the larger, heavier items on the bottom and the smaller, lighter boxes on the top.

Make a list

As you pack toys in the storage unit, you need to make a list of everything inside each box. You also need to write down a description of the box to go with the contents. This list will make it easier to find the box you’re looking for when you want something specific. Leave a path between the boxes as well for easy navigation when you open the door to the unit.

If you’re ready to book your Kelvin Grove storage, contact the team at StoreLocal Newmarket today.