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Ah, the Busselton Fringe Festival… What a vibrant feast of colour, music, comedy, arts and culture it was. What’s not to love?

We festivalgoers often don’t realise how much effort went into organising the wonderful, colourful chaos of the festival. But trust us: behind every successful Busselton Fringe Festival there’s a bunch of exhausted organisers!

At StoreLocal Busselton we think that using a Self Storage facility can make festival organisers’ lives a bit easier in coming years.

Get packing

Any festival worth its salt will have an interesting range of marketing material. And this material will have to packaged and stored before and after being used. At StoreLocal Busselton, we have diverse packaging options available at very reasonable rates: boxes, packaging tape, butcher paper, bubble wrap and blankets – whatever you need to make sure that your bunting, posters, flags, promotional T-shirts, caps and balloons are safely packaged and protected against damage for next year’s event.

The boxes come in different shapes and sizes, so even odd-shaped items will find a home.

Space wars

Once your material is packaged, you can store all the boxes and containers in a practical Self Storage unit in the size of your choice, ready to be hauled out when needed. That’s the cool thing about StoreLocal Busselton Self Storage units: they come in a variety of sizes, so even if you have to store a giant replica of the Trojan Horse that will take part in the parade, there will probably be a warehouse space it can fit in! The most important bit? Your office space won’t be overrun with boxes and gear, making sure that it is still a calm, uncluttered space where your brain can function. After all, it is time to start planning 2018.

Using a Self Storage unit to store your items also keeps it safe from rain, fluctuating temperatures and general wear and tear. The last thing you want is water damage on your promotional material…

Base of operations

Choosing a Self Storage unit close to the festival grounds means that you have easy, convenient access to any of the material you might need. And you can start early in the preparations for next year, and simply keep items dry and safe in storage, highlighting why StoreLocal Busselton is a convenient base of operations.

Waste not, want not

Don’t throw away dated collateral: you can simply pack it into your StoreLocal Busselton Self Storage unit, and it will be ready to use in creative ways for the next festival!

StoreLocal Busselton Self Storage units are a practical, affordable, convenient way of making your life a little bit easier. We invite all festival organisers to come chat to our friendly team to find out more.