Self Storage has a variety of uses: decluttering your home, streamlining your business, hiding your collection of Cuban Cigars from your wife…

But what Self Storage shouldn’t be, is just another careless dumping ground for stuff that you want to get out of sight and out of mind.

So, what do we mean by that? Basically, it’s important to spend some time planning exactly how you’d like to pack your Self Storage unit from StoreLocal Newmarket properly, to save yourself hassle later on when you’d like to access your belongings.

Here’s what you need to do.


Plan the layout of your Self Storage unit. Sketch out a rough plan of your Self Storage unit before you start moving your boxes in: where do you want certain items to be? Where should aisles go?

For example: which items are you planning to access regularly? Place them in front, or make sure that they are easily accessible by leaving a little walkway between the boxes and items in your Self Storage unit.

Clean your Self Storage unit properly before storing anything, and make sure it’s completely dry before moving in.

Put down packing pallets to rest your boxes on, according to the plan that you drew up – this helps to prevent any critters that might find their way in from nesting at the bottom of your boxes.

If your Self Storage unit has shelving available – plan to use it!


Choose the correct packing materials. How strong do the boxes need to be? Do you need bubble wrap and plastic sheeting? What about dust cloths or plastic containers? What you need will be determined in large part by the items you want to store.

Try to stick to only two sizes of boxes – this will make stacking the boxes and packing the Self Storage unit much easier. Make sure that your boxes are strong enough to withstand stacking.

And remember: all items going into storage should be clean and dry – you don’t want an outbreak of mildew!


Try to pack similar items in the same container – and clearly mark it with stickers stating what’s inside on all sides of the box. If the items are fragile, label them as such. And don’t put fragile boxes at the bottom of a stack!

Knowing what’s in each box will also help you to estimate its rough value for insurance purposes, if you might need it.

Be clever: don’t put too much in individual boxes, as you still want to be able to carry them. Heavier items should go in the bottom, and lighter items can be used to fill up a box.

When storing books, use smaller book boxes – a box of books can get very heavy, very quickly. Pack them flat, not resting on their spines.

Consider dismantling old furniture before storing them – this can save space. If you’re storing things like cupboards or filing cabinets, fill up the hollow spaces inside with items you need to store.

Moving in

If you need help on the day that you move your belongings into a Self Storage unit, our team can give advice, as well as practical support. Contact StoreLocal Newmarket to find out more about our services.